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The Python SDK is a client class for our V2 API. It allows you to do GET, POST, 
PUT, PATCH and DELETE requests to our API by simply specifying the path to the 
and a (dictionary) parameter to represent the (JSON) data you want to send. 
As a simple example to get those assets having the label 'Funny dogs', try
these steps on the console:

1. Go the folder where this file resides

  $ cd python
2. Invoke the Python interpreter

  $ python

3. Load the API module

  >>> from api import OoyalaAPI

4. Create an OoyalaAPI object by passing your V2 API keys:

  >>> api = OoyalaAPI("<Your API Key>", "<Your Secret Key>")
5. Get all assets having the "Funny dogs" label:

  >>> parameters = {'where': "labels INCLUDES 'Funny dogs'"}
  >>> assets = api.get('assets', parameters)['items']
6. Now that we have our results on the assets array, lets print them embed codes and names

  >>> for asset in assets:
        print "%s - %s" % (asset['embed_code'], asset['name'])

You can do much more that just querying for assets, type

  >>> help(OoyalaAPI)
to get a complete documentation. Its that easy to work with this SDK!


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