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stunnel Universal SSL tunnel
Version 4.34, 2010.09.19, urgency: LOW:
* New features
- Updated Win32 DLLs for OpenSSL 1.0.0a.
- Updated Win32 DLLs for zlib 1.2.5.
- Updated automake to version 1.11.1
- Updated libtool to version 2.2.6b
- Added ECC support with a new service-level "curve" option.
- DH support is now enabled by default.
- Added support for OpenSSL builds with some algorithms disabled.
- ./configure modified to support cross-compilation.
- Sample stunnel.init updated based on Debian init script.
* Bugfixes
- Implemented fixes in user interface to enter engine PIN.
- Fixed a transfer() loop issue on socket errors.
- Fixed missing WIN32 taskbar icon while displaying a global option error.
Version 4.33, 2010.04.05, urgency: MEDIUM:
* New features
- Win32 DLLs for OpenSSL 1.0.0.
This library requires to c_rehash CApath/CRLpath directories on upgrade.
- Win32 DLLs for zlib 1.2.4.
- Experimental support for local mode on WIN32 platform.
Try "exec = c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe".
* Bugfixes
- Inetd mode fixed.
Version 4.32, 2010.03.24, urgency: MEDIUM:
* New features
- New service-level "libwrap" option for run-time control whether
/etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny are used for access control.
Disabling libwrap significantly increases performance of stunnel.
- Win32 DLLs for OpenSSL 0.9.8m.
* Bugfixes
- Fixed a transfer() loop issue with SSLv2 connections.
- Fixed a "setsockopt IP_TRANSPARENT" warning with "local" option.
- Logging subsystem bugfixes and cleanup.
- Installer bugfixes for Vista and later versions of Windows.
- FIPS mode can be enabled/disabled at runtime.
Version 4.31, 2010.02.03, urgency: MEDIUM:
* New features
- Log file reopen on USR1 signal was added.
* Bugfixes
- Some regression issues introduced in 4.30 were fixed.
Version 4.30, 2010.01.21, urgency: LOW/EXPERIMENTAL:
* New features
- Graceful configuration reload with HUP signal on Unix
and with GUI on Windows.
Version 4.29, 2009.12.02, urgency: MEDIUM:
* New feature sponsored by Searchtech Limited
- sessiond, a high performance SSL session cache was built for stunnel.
A new service-level "sessiond" option was added. sessiond is
available for download on .
stunnel clusters will be a lot faster, now!
* Bugfixes
- "execargs" defaults to the "exec" parameter (thx to Peter Pentchev).
- Compilation fixes added for AIX and old versions of OpenSSL.
- Missing "fips" option was added to the manual.
Version 4.28, 2009.11.08, urgency: MEDIUM:
* New features
- Win32 DLLs for OpenSSL 0.9.8l.
- Transparent proxy support on Linux kernels >=2.6.28.
See the manual for details.
- New socket options to control TCP keepalive on Linux:
- SSL options updated for the recent version of OpenSSL library.
* Bugfixes
- A serious bug in asynchronous shutdown code fixed.
- Data alignment updated in libwrap.c.
- Polish manual encoding fixed.
- Notes on compression implementation in OpenSSL added to the manual.
Version 4.27, 2009.04.16, urgency: MEDIUM:
* New features
- Win32 DLLs for OpenSSL 0.9.8k.
- FIPS support was updated for openssl-fips 1.2.
- New priority failover strategy for multiple "connect" targets,
controlled with "failover=rr" (default) or "failover=prio".
- pgsql protocol negotiation by Marko Kreen <>.
- Building instructions were updated in INSTALL.W32 file.
* Bugfixes
- Libwrap helper processes fixed to close standard
input/output/error file descriptors.
- OS2 compilation fixes.
- WCE fixes by Pierre Delaage <>.
Version 4.26, 2008.09.20, urgency: MEDIUM:
* New features
- Win32 DLLs for OpenSSL 0.9.8i.
- /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny no longer need to be
copied to the chrooted directory, as the libwrap processes
are no longer chrooted.
- A more informative error messages for invalid port number
specified in stunnel.conf file.
- Support for Microsoft Visual C++ 9.0 Express Edition.
* Bugfixes
- Killing all libwrap processes at stunnel shutdown fixed.
- A minor bug in stunnel.init sample SysV startup file fixed.
Version 4.25, 2008.06.01, urgency: MEDIUM:
* New features
- Win32 DLLs for OpenSSL 0.9.8h.
* Bugfixes
- Spawning libwrap processes delayed until privileges are dropped.
- Compilation fix for systems without struct msghdr.msg_control.
Version 4.24, 2008.05.19, urgency: HIGH:
* Bugfixes
- OCSP code was fixed to properly reject revocated certificates.
Version 4.23, 2008.05.03, urgency: HIGH:
* Bugfixes
- Local privilege escalation bug on Windows NT based
systems fixed. A local user could exploit stunnel
running as a service to gain localsystem privileges.
Version 4.22, 2008.03.28, urgency: MEDIUM:
* New features
- Makefile was updated to use standard autoconf variables:
sysconfdir, localstatedir and pkglibdir.
- A new global option to control logging to syslog:
syslog = yes|no
Simultaneous logging to a file and the syslog is now possible.
- A new service level option to control stack size:
stack = <number of bytes>
* Bugfixes
- Restored chroot() to be executed after decoding numerical
userid and groupid values in drop_privileges().
- A few bugs fixed the in the new libwrap support code.
- TLSv1 method used by default in FIPS mode instead of
SSLv3 client and SSLv23 server methods.
- OpenSSL GPL license exception update based on
Version 4.21, 2007.10.27, urgency: LOW/EXPERIMENTAL:
* New features sponsored by Open-Source Software Institute
- Initial FIPS 140-2 support (see INSTALL.FIPS for details).
Win32 platform is not currently supported.
* New features
- Experimental fast support for non-MT-safe libwrap is provided
with pre-spawned processes.
- Stunnel binary moved from /usr/local/sbin to /usr/local/bin
in order to meet FHS and LSB requirements.
Please delete the /usr/local/sbin/stunnel when upgrading.
- Added code to disallow compiling stunnel with pthreads when
OpenSSL is compiled without threads support.
- Win32 DLLs for OpenSSL 0.9.8g.
- Minor manual update.
- TODO file updated.
* Bugfixes
- Dynamic locking callbacks added (needed by some engines to work).
- AC_ARG_ENABLE fixed in to accept yes/no arguments.
- On some systems libwrap requires yp_get_default_domain from libnsl,
additional checking for libnsl was added to the ./configure script.
- Sending a list of trusted CAs for the client to choose the right
certificate restored.
- Some compatibility issues with NTLM authentication fixed.
- Taskbar icon (unless there is a config file parsing error) and
"Save As" disabled in the service mode for local Win32 security
(it's much like Yeti -- some people claim they have seen it).
Version 4.20, 2006.11.30, urgency: MEDIUM:
* Release notes
- The new transfer() function has been well tested.
I recommend upgrading any previous version with this one.
* Bugfixes
- Fixed support for encrypted passphases on Unix (broken in 4.19).
- Reduced amount of debug logs.
- A minor man page update.
Version 4.19, 2006.11.11, urgency: LOW/EXPERIMENTAL:
* Release notes
- There are a lot of new features in this version. I recommend
to test it well before upgrading your mission-critical systems.
* New features
- New service-level option to specify OCSP server flag:
OCSPflag = <flag>
- "protocolCredentials" option changed to "protocolUsername"
and "protocolPassword"
- NTLM support to be enabled with the new service-level option:
protocolAuthentication = NTLM
- imap protocol negotiation support added.
- Passphrase cache was added so the user does not need to reenter
the same passphrase for each defined service any more.
- New service-level option to retry connect+exec section:
retry = yes|no
- Local IP and port is logged for each established connection.
- Win32 DLLs for OpenSSL 0.9.8d.
* Bugfixes
- Serious problem with SSL_WANT_* retries fixed.
The new code requires extensive testing!
Version 4.18, 2006.09.26, urgency: MEDIUM:
* Bugfixes
- GPF on entering private key pass phrase on Win32 fixed.
- Updated OpenSSL Win32 DLLs.
- Minor configure script update.
Version 4.17, 2006.09.10, urgency: MEDIUM:
* New features
- Win32 DLLs for OpenSSL 0.9.8c.
* Bugfixes
- Problem with detecting getaddrinfo() in ./configure fixed.
- Compilation problem due to misplaced #endif in ssl.c fixed.
- Duplicate 220 in smtp_server() function in protocol.c fixed.
- Minor os2.mak update.
- Minor update of safestring()/safename() macros.
Version 4.16, 2006.08.31, urgency: MEDIUM:
* New features sponsored by Hewlett-Packard
- A new global option to control engine:
engineCtrl = <command>[:<parameter>]
- A new service-level option to select engine to read private key:
engineNum = <engine number>
- OCSP support:
ocsp = <URL>
* New features
- A new option to select version of SSL protocol:
sslVersion = all|SSLv2|SSLv3|TLSv1
- Visual Studio vc.mak by David Gillingham <>.
- OS2 support by Paul Smedley (
* Bugfixes
- An ordinary user can install stunnel again.
- Compilation problem with --enable-dh fixed.
- Some minor compilation warnings fixed.
- Service-level CRL cert store implemented.
- GPF on protocol negotiations fixed.
- Problem detecting addrinfo() on Tru64 fixed.
- Default group is now detected by configure script.
- Check for maximum number of defined services added.
- OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms() added to SSL initialization.
- configure script sections reordered to detect pthread library funcions.
- RFC 2487 autdoetection improved. High resolution s_poll_wait()
not currently supported by UCONTEXT threading.
- More precise description of cert directory file names (thx to Muhammad
* Other changes
- Maximum number of services increased from 64 to 256 when poll() is used.
Version 4.15, 2006.03.11, urgency: LOW:
* Release notes
- There are a lot of new features in this version. I recommend
to test it well before upgrading your mission-critical systems.
* Bugfixes
- Fix for pthreads on Solaris 10.
- Attempt to autodetect socklen_t type in configure script.
- Default threading model changed to pthread for better portability.
- DH parameters are not included in the certificate by default.
* New features sponsored by Software House
- Most SSL-related options (including client, cert, key) are now
available on service level, so it is possible to have an SSL
client and an SSL server in a single stunnel process.
- Windows CE (version 3.0 and higher) support.
* New features
- Client mode CONNECT protocol support (RFC 2817 section 5.2).
- Retrying exec+connect services added.
* File locations are more compliant to Filesystem Hierarchy Standard 2.3
- configuration and certificates are in $prefix/etc/stunnel/
- binaries are in $prefix/sbin/
- default pid file is $prefix/var/run/
- manual is $prefix/man/man8/stunnel.8
- other docs are in $prefix/share/doc/stunnel/
- libstunnel is in $prefix/lib
- chroot directory is setup in $prefix/var/lib/stunnel/
this directory is chmoded 1770 and group nogroup
Version 4.14, 2005.11.02, urgency: HIGH:
* Bugfixes
- transfer() fixed to avoid random stalls introduced in version 4.12.
- poll() error handing bug fixed.
- Checking for dynamic loader libraries added again.
- Default pidfile changed from $localstatedir/run/
to $localstatedir/stunnel/
- Basic SSL library initalization moved to the beginning of execution.
* Release notes
- This is an important bugfix release. Upgrade is recommended.
Version 4.13, 2005.10.21, urgency: MEDIUM:
* DLLs for OpenSSL 0.9.7i included because protection faults were reported
in 0.9.8 and 0.9.8a.
* New features
- Libwrap code is executed as a separate process (no more delays due
to a global and potentially long critical section).
* Bugfixes
- Problem with zombies in UCONTEXT threading fixed.
- Workaround for non-standard makecontext() uc_stack.ss_sp parameter
semantics on SGI IRIX.
- Protection fault in signals handling on IRIX fixed.
- Problem finding pthread library on AIX fixed.
- size_t printf() fixed in stack_info() (the previous fix didn't work).
- socklen_t is used instead of int where required.
Version 4.12, 2005.09.29, urgency: MEDIUM:
* New features
- Win32 installer added.
- New Win32 commandline options: -start and -stop.
- Log level and thread number are reported to syslog.
- DLLs for OpenSSL 0.9.8.
- stunnel.spec updated by neeo <>.
* Bugfixes
- Use of broken poll() is disabled on Mac OS X.
- Yet another transfer() infinite loop condition fixed.
- Workaround for a serious M$ bug (KB177346).
- IPv6 DLLs allocation problem resulting in GPF on W2K fixed.
- zlib added to shared libraries (OpenSSL may need it).
- size_t printf() fixed in stack_info().
* Release notes
- This is a bugfix release. Upgrade is recommended.
Version 4.11, 2005.07.09, urgency: MEDIUM:
* New features
- New ./configure option --with-threads to select thread model.
- ./configure option --with-tcp-wrappers renamed to --disable-libwrap.
I hope the meaning of the option is much more clear, now.
* Bugfixes
- Workaround for non-standard makecontext() uc_stack.ss_sp parameter
semantics on Sparc/Solaris 9 and earlier.
- scan_waiting_queue() no longer drops contexts.
- Inetd mode coredumps with UCONTEXT fixed.
- Cleanup context is no longer used.
- Releasing memory of the current context is delayed.
- Win32 headers reordered for Visual Studio 7.
- Some Solaris compilation warnings fixed.
- Rejected inetd mode without 'connect' or 'exec'.
* Release notes
- UCONTEXT threading seems stable, now. Upgrade is recommended.
Version 4.10, 2005.04.23, urgency: LOW/EXPERIMENTAL:
* DLLs for OpenSSL 0.9.7g.
* Bugfixes
- Missing locking on Win32 platform was added (thx to Yi Lin
- Some problems with closing SSL fixed.
* New features
- New UCONTEXT user-level non-preemptive threads model is used
on systems that support SYSV-compatible ucontext.h.
- Improved stunnel3 script with getopt-compatible syntax.
* Release notes
- This version should be thoroughly tested before using it in the
mission-critical environment.
Version 4.09, 2005.03.26, urgency: MEDIUM:
* DLLs for OpenSSL 0.9.7f.
* Bugfixes
- Compilation problem with undeclarated socklen_t fixed.
- TIMEOUTclose is not used when there is any data in the buffers.
- Stunnel no longer relies on close_notify with SSL 2.0 connections,
since SSL 2.0 protocol does not have any alerts defined.
- Closing SSL socket when there is some data in SSL output buffer
is detected and reported as an error.
- Install/chmod race condition when installing default certificate fixed.
- Stunnel no longer installs signal_handler on ignored signals.
Version 4.08, 2005.02.27, urgency: LOW:
* New features
- New -quiet option was added to install NT service without a message box.
* Bugfixes
- Using $(DESTDIR) in tools/
- Define NI_NUMERICHOST and NI_NUMERICSERV when needed.
- Length of configuration file line increased from 256B to 16KB.
- Stunnel sends close_notify when a close_notify is received from SSL
peer and all remaining data is sent to SSL peer.
- Some fixes for bugs detected by the watchdog.
* Release notes
- There were many changes in the transfer() function (the main loop).
- This version should be thoroughly tested before using it in the
mission-critical environment.
Version 4.07, 2005.01.03, urgency: MEDIUM:
* Bugfixes
- Problem with infinite poll() timeout negative, but not equal to -1 fixed.
- Problem with a file descriptor ready to be read just after a non-blocking
connect call fixed.
- Compile error with EAI_NODATA not defined or equal to EAI_NONAME fixed.
- IP address and TCP port textual representation length (IPLEN) increased
to 128 bytes.
- OpenSSL engine support is only used if engine.h header file exists.
- Broken NT Service mode on Win32 platform fixed.
- Support for IPv4-only Win32 machines restored.
Version 4.06, 2004.12.26, urgency: LOW:
* New feature sponsored by SURFnet
- IPv6 support (to be enabled with ./configure --enable-ipv6).
* New features
- poll() support - no more FD_SETSIZE limit!
- Multiple connect=host:port options are allowed in a single service
section. Remote hosts are connected using round-robin algorithm.
This feature is not compatible with delayed resolver.
- New 'compression' option to enable compression. To use zlib
algorithm you have to enable it when building OpenSSL library.
- New 'engine' option to select a hardware engine.
- New 'TIMEOUTconnect' option with 10 seconds default added.
- stunnel3 perl script to emulate version 3.x command line options.
- French manual updated by Bernard Choppy <choppy AT free POINT fr>.
- A watchdog to detect transfer() infinite loops added.
- Configuration file comment character changed from '#' to ';'.
'#' will still be recognized to keep compatibility.
- MT-safe getaddrinfo() and getnameinfo() are used where available
to get better performance on resolver calls.
- Automake upgraded from 1.4-p4 to 1.7.9.
* Bugfixes
- log() changed to s_log() to avoid conflicts on some systems.
- Common CRIT_INET critical section introduced instead of separate
CRIT_NTOA and CRIT_RESOLVER to avoid potential problems with
libwrap (TCP Wrappers) library.
- CreateThread() finally replaced with _beginthread() on Win32.
- make install creates $(localstatedir)/stunnel.
$(localstatedir)/stunnel/dev/zero is also created on Solaris.
- Race condition with client session cache fixed.
- Other minor bugfixes.
* Release notes
- Win32 port requires Winsock2 to work.
Some Win95 systems may need a free update from Microsoft.
- Default is *not* to use IPv6 '::' for accept and '::1' for
connect. For example to accept pop3s on IPv6 you could use:
'accept = :::995'. I hope the new syntax is clear enough.
Version 4.05, 2004.02.14, urgency: MEDIUM:
* New feature sponsored by SURFnet
- Support for CIFS aka SMB protocol SSL negotiation.
* New features
- CRL support with new CRLpath and CRLfile global options.
- New 'taskbar' option on Win32 (thx to Ken Mattsen
- New -fd command line parameter to read configuration
from a specified file descriptor instead of a file.
- accept is reported as error when no '[section]' is
defined (in stunnel 4.04 it was silently ignored causing
problems for lusers who did not read the fine manual).
- Use fcntl() instead of ioctlsocket() to set socket
nonblocking where it is supported.
- Basic support for hardware engines with OpenSSL >= 0.9.7.
- French manual by Bernard Choppy <>.
- Thread stack size reduced to 64KB for maximum scalability.
- Added optional code to debug thread stack usage.
- Support for nsr-tandem-nsk (thx to Tom Bates <>).
* Bugfixes
- TCP wrappers code moved to CRIT_NTOA critical section
since it uses static inet_ntoa() result buffer.
- SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL handling problems fixed.
- added code to retry nonblocking SSL_shutdown() calls.
- Use FD_SETSIZE instead of 16 file descriptors in inetd
- fdscanf groks lowercase protocol negotiation commands.
- Win32 taskbar GDI objects leak fixed.
- Libwrap detection bug in ./configure script fixed.
- grp.h header detection fixed for NetBSD and possibly
other systems.
- Some other minor updates.
Version 4.04, 2003.01.12, urgency: MEDIUM:
* New feature sponsored by SURFnet
- Encrypted private key can be used with Win32 GUI.
* New features
- New 'options' configuration option to setup
OpenSSL library hacks with SSL_CTX_set_options().
- 'service' option also changes the name for
TCP Wrappers access control in inetd mode.
- Support for BeOS (thx to Mike I. Kozin <>)
- SSL is negotiated before connecting remote host
or spawning local process whenever possible.
- REMOTE_HOST variable is always placed in the
enrivonment of a process spawned with 'exec'.
- Whole SSL error stack is dumped on errors.
- 'make cert' rule is back (was missing since 4.00).
- Manual page updated (special thanks to Brian Hatch).
- TODO updated.
* Bugfixes
- Major code cleanup (thx to Steve Grubb <>).
- Unsafe functions are removed from SIGCHLD handler.
- Several bugs in auth_user() fixed.
- Incorrect port when using 'local' option fixed.
- OpenSSL tools '-rand' option is no longer directly
used with a device (like '/dev/urandom').
Temporary random file is created with 'dd' instead.
* DLLs for OpenSSL 0.9.7.
Version 4.03, 2002.10.27, urgency: HIGH:
* NT Service (broken since 4.01) is operational again.
* Memory leak in FORK environments fixed.
* sigprocmask() mistake corrected.
* struct timeval is reinitialized before select().
* EAGAIN handled in client.c for AIX.
* Manual page updated.
Version 4.02, 2002.10.21, urgency: HIGH:
* Serious bug in ECONNRESET handling fixed.
Version 4.01, 2002.10.20, urgency: MEDIUM:
* New features
- OpenVMS support.
- Polish manual and some manual updates.
- 'service' option added on Win32 platform.
- Obsolete FAQ has been removed.
- Log file is created with 0640 mode.
- exec->connect service sections (need more testing).
* Bugfixes
- EINTR ingored in main select() loop.
- Fixed problem with stunnel closing connections on
TIMEOUTclose before all the data is sent.
- Fixed EWOULDBLOCK on writesocket problem.
- Potential DOS in Win32 GUI fixed.
- Solaris compilation problem fixed.
- Libtool configuration problems fixed.
- Signal mask is cleared just before exec in local mode.
- Accepting sockets and log file descriptors are no longer
leaked to the child processes.
Special thanks to Steve Grubb for the source code audit.
Version 4.00, 2002.08.30, urgency: LOW:
* New features sponsored by MAXIMUS
- New user interface (config file).
- Single daemon can listen on multiple ports, now.
- Native Win32 GUI added.
- Native NT/2000/XP service added.
- Delayed DNS lookup added.
* Other new features
- All the timeouts are now configurable including
TIMEOUTclose that can be set to 0 for MSIE and other
buggy clients that do not send close_notify.
- Stunnel process can be chrooted in a specified directory.
- Numerical values for setuid() and setgid() are allowed, now.
- Confusing code for setting certificate defaults introduced in
version 3.8p3 was removed to simplify stunnel setup.
There are no built-in defaults for CApath and CAfile options.
- Private key file for a certificate can be kept in a separate
file. Default remains to keep it in the cert file.
- Manual page updated.
- New FHS-compatible build system based on automake and libtool.
* Bugfixes
- `SSL socket closed on SSL_write' problem fixed.
- Problem with localtime() crashing Solaris 8 fixed.
- Problem with tcp wrappers library detection fixed.
- Cygwin ( support added.
- __svr4__ macro defined for Sun C/C++ compiler.
* DLLs for OpenSSL 0.9.6g.
Version 3.22, 2001.12.20, urgency: HIGH:
* Format string bug fixed in protocol.c
smtp, pop3 and nntp in client mode were affected.
(stunnel clients could be attacked by malicious servers)
* Certificate chain can be supplied with -p option or in stunnel.pem.
* Problem with -r and -l options used together fixed.
* memmove() instead of memcpy() is used to move data in buffers.
* More detailed information about negotiated ciphers is printed.
* New ./configure options: '--enable-no-rsa' and '--enable-dh'.
Version 3.21c, 2001.11.11, urgency: LOW:
* autoconf scripts upgraded to version 2.52.
* Problem with pthread_sigmask on Darwin fixed (I hope).
* Some documentation typos corrected.
* Attempt to ignore EINTR in transfer().
* Shared library version reported on startup.
* DLLs for OpenSSL 0.9.6b.
Version 3.21b, 2001.11.03, urgency: MEDIUM:
* File descriptor leak on failed connect() fixed.
Version 3.21a, 2001.10.31, urgency: MEDIUM:
* Small bug in Makefile fixed.
Version 3.21, 2001.10.31, urgency: MEDIUM:
* Problem with errno and posix threads fixed.
* It is assumed that system has getopt() if it has getopt.h header file.
* SSL_CLIENT_DN and SSL_CLIENT_I_DN environment variables set in local mode
(-l) process. This feature doesn't work if
client mode (-c) or protocol negotiation (-n) is used.
* Winsock error descriptions hardcoded (English version only).
* SetConsoleCtrlHandler() used to handle CTRL+C, logoff and shutdown on Win32.
* Stunnel always requests peer certificate with -v 0.
* sysconf()/getrlimit() used to calculate number of clients allowed.
* SSL mode changed for OpenSSL >= 0.9.6.
* close-on-exec option used to avoid socket inheriting.
* Buffer size increased from 8KB to 16KB.
* fdscanf()/fdprintf() changes:
- non-blocking socket support,
- timeout after 1 minute of inactivity.
* auth_user() redesigned to force 1 minute timeout.
* Some source arrangement towards 4.x architecture.
* No need for 'goto' any more.
* New Makefile 'test' rule. It performs basic test of
standalone/inetd, remote/local and server/client mode.
* pop3 server mode support added.
Version 3.20, 2001.08.15, urgency: LOW:
* setsockopt() optlen set according to the optval for Solaris.
* Minor NetBSD compatibility fixes by Martti Kuparinen.
* Minor MSVC6 compatibility fixes by Patrick Mayweg.
* SSL close_notify timeout reduced to 10 seconds of inactivity.
* Socket close instead of reset on close_notify timeout.
* Some source arrangement and minor bugfixes.
Version 3.19, 2001.08.10, urgency: MEDIUM:
* Critical section added around non MT-safe TCP Wrappers code.
* Problem with 'select: Interrupted system call' error fixed.
* errno replaced with get_last_socket_error() for Win32.
* Some FreeBSD/NetBSD patches to ./configure from Martti Kuparinen.
* Local mode process pid logged.
* Default FQDN (localhost) removed from stunnel.cnf
* ./configure changed to recognize POSIX threads library on OSF.
* New -O option to set socket options.
Version 3.18, 2001.07.31, urgency: MEDIUM:
* MAX_CLIENTS is calculated based on FD_SETSIZE, now.
* Problems with closing SSL in transfer() fixed.
* -I option to bind a static local IP address added.
* Debug output of info_callback redesigned.
Version 3.17, 2001.07.29, urgency: MEDIUM:
* Problem with coredump on exit with active threads fixed.
* Timeout for transfer() function added:
- 1 hour if socket is open for read
- 1 minute if socket is closed for read
Version 3.16, 2001.07.22, urgency: MEDIUM:
* Some transfer() bugfixes/improvements.
* STDIN/STDOUT are no logner assumed to be non-socket decriptors.
* Problem with --with-tcp-wrappers patch fixed.
* pop3 and nntp support bug fixed by Martin Germann.
* -o option to append log messages to a file added.
* Changed error message for SSL error 0.
Version 3.15, 2001.07.15, urgency: MEDIUM:
* Serious bug resulting in random transfer() hangs fixed.
* Separate file descriptors are used for inetd mode.
* -f (foreground) logs are now stamped with time.
* New ./configure option: --with-tcp-wrappers by Brian Hatch.
* pop3 protocol client support (-n pop3) by Martin Germann.
* nntp protocol client support (-n nntp) by Martin Germann.
* RFC 2487 (smtp STARTTLS) client mode support.
* Transparency support for Tru64 added.
* Some #includes for AIX added.
Version 3.14, 2001.02.21, urgency: LOW:
* Pidfile creation algorithm has been changed.
Version 3.13, 2001.01.25, urgency: MEDIUM:
* pthread_sigmask() argument in sthreads.c corrected.
* OOB data is now handled correctly.
Version 3.12, 2001.01.24, urgency: LOW:
* Attempted to fix problem with zombies in local mode.
* Patch for 64-bit machines by Nalin Dahyabhai <> applied.
* Tiny bugfix for OSF cc by Dobrica Pavlinusic <> added.
* PORTS file updated.
Version 3.11, 2000.12.21, urgency: MEDIUM:
* New problem with zombies fixed.
* Attempt to be integer-size independed.
* SIGHUP handler added.
Version 3.10, 2000.12.19, urgency: MEDIUM:
* Internal thread synchronization code added.
* libdl added to stunnel dependencies if it exists.
* Manpage converted to sdf format.
* stunnel deletes pid file before attempting to create it.
* Documentation updates.
* -D option now takes [facility].level as argument. 0-7 still supported.
* Problems with occasional zombies in FORK mode fixed.
* 'stunnel.exe' rule added to Makefile.
You can cross-compile stunnel.exe on Unix, now.
I'd like to be able to compile OpenSSL this way, too...
Version 3.9, 2000.12.13, urgency: HIGH:
* Updated temporary key generation:
- stunnel is now honoring requested key-lengths correctly,
- temporary key is changed every hour.
* transfer() no longer hangs on some platforms.
Special thanks to Peter Wagemans for the patch.
* Potential security problem with syslog() call fixed.
Version 3.8p4, 2000.06.25
* fixes for Windows platform
Version 3.8p3, 2000.06.24
* Compile time definitions for the following:
* use daemon() function instead of daemonize, if available
* fixed FreeBSD threads checking (patch from
* added -S flag, allowing you to choose which default verify
sources to use
* relocated service name output logging until after log_open.
(no longer outputs log info to inetd socket, causing bad SSL)
* -V flag now outputs the default values used by stunnel
* Removed DH param generation in
* Moved stunnel.pem to sample.pem to keep people from blindly using it
* Removed confusing stunnel.pem check from Makefile.
* UPGRADE NOTE: this version seriously changes several previous stunnel
default behaviours. There are no longer any default cert file/dirs
compilied into stunnel, you must use the --with-cert-dir and
--with-cert-file configure arguments to set these manually, if desired.
Stunnel does not use the underlying ssl library defaults by default
unless configured with --enable-ssllib-cs. Note that these can always
be enabled at run time with the -A,-a, and -S flags.
Additionally, unless --with-pem-dir is specified at compile time,
stunnel will default to looking for stunnel.pem in the current directory.
Version 3.8p2, 2000.06.13
* Fixes for Win32 platform
* Minor output formatting changes
* Fixed version number in files
Version 3.8p1, 2000.06.11
* Added rigerous PRNG seeding
* PID changes (and related security-fix)
* Man page fixes
* Client SSL Session-IDs now used
* -N flag to specify tcpwrapper service name
Version 3.8, 2000.02.24:
* Checking for threads in c_r library for FreeBSD.
* Some compatibility fixes for Ultrix.
* has been cleaned up.
Separate directories for SSL certs and SSL libraries/headers
are no longer supported. SSL ports maintainers should create
softlinks in the main openssl directory if necessary.
* Added --with-ssl option to specify SSL directory.
* Added setgid (-g) option.
(Special thanks to Brian Hatch for his feedback and support)
* Added pty.c based on a Public Domain code by Tatu Ylonen
* Distribution files are now signed with GnuPG
Version 3.7, 2000.02.10:
* /usr/pkg added to list of possible SSL directories for pkgsrc installs
of OpenSSL under NetBSD.
* Added the -s option, which setuid()s to the specified user when running
in daemon mode. Useful for cyrus imapd.
(both based on patch by George Coulouris)
* PTY code ported to Solaris. The port needs some more testing.
* Added handler for SIGINT.
* Added --with-random option to ./configure script.
* Fixed some problems with autoconfiguration on Solaris and others.
It doesn't use config.h any more.
* /var/run changed to @localstatedir@/stunnel for better portability.
The directory is chmoded a=rwx,+t.
* FAQ has been updated.
3.6 2000.02.03
* Automatic RFC 2487 detection based on patch by Pascual Perez and Borja Perez.
* Non-blocking sockets not used by default.
* DH support is disabled by default.
* (both can be enabled in ssl.c)
3.5 2000.02.02
* Support for openssl 0.9.4 added.
* /usr/ssl added to configure by Christian Zuckschwerdt.
* Added tunneling for PPP through the addition of PTY handling.
* Added some documentation.
3.4a 1999.07.13 (bugfix release)
* Problem with cipher negotiation fixed.
* setenv changed to putenv.
3.4 1999.07.12
* Local transparent proxy added with LD_PRELOADed shared library.
* DH code rewritten.
* Added -C option to set cipher list.
* stderr fflushed after fprintf().
* Minor portability bugfixes.
* Manual updated (but still not perfect).
3.3 1999.06.18
* Support for openssl 0.9.3 added.
* Generic support for protocol negotiation added (protocol.c).
* SMTP protocol negotiation support for Netscape client added.
* Transparent proxy mode (currently works on Linux only).
* SO_REUSEADDR enabled on listening socket in daemon mode.
* ./configure now accepts --prefix parameter.
* -Wall is only used with gcc compiler.
* and updated.
* SSL-related functions moved to a separate file.
* vsprintf changed to vsnprintf in log.c on systems have it.
* Pidfile in /var/run added for daemon mode.
* RSAref support fix (not tested).
* Some compatibility fixes for Solaris and NetBSD added.
3.2 1999.04.28
* RSAref support (not tested).
* Added full duplex with non-blocking sockets.
* RST sent instead of FIN on peer error (on error peer
socket is reset - not just closed).
* RSA temporary key length changed back to 512 bits to fix
a problem with Netscape.
* Added NO_RSA for US citizens having problems with patents.
3.1 1999.04.22
* Changed -l syntax (first argument specified is now argv[0]).
* Fixed problem with options passed to locally executed daemon.
* Fixed problem with ':' passed to libwrap in a service name:
- ':' has been changed to '.';
- user can specify his own service name as an argument.
* RSA temporary key length changed from 512 to 1024 bits.
* Added safecopy to avoid buffer overflows in stunnel.c.
* Fixed problems with GPF after unsuccessful resolver call
and incorrect parameters passed to getopt() in Win32.
* FAQ updated.
3.0 1999.04.19
* Some bugfixes.
* FAQ added.
3.0b7 1999.04.14
* Win32 native port fixed (looks quite stable).
* New transfer() function algorithm.
* New 'make cert' to be compatible with openssl-0.9.2b.
* Removed support for memory leaks debugging.
3.0b6 1999.04.01
* Fixed problems with session cache (by Adam).
* Added client mode session cache.
* Source structure, autoconf script and Makefile changed.
* Added -D option to set debug level.
* Added support for memory leaks debugging
(SSL library needs to be compiled with -DMFUNC).
3.0b5 1999.03.25
* Lots of changes to make threads work.
* Peer (client and server) authentication works!
* Added -V option to display version.
3.0b4 1999.03.22
* Early POSIX threads implementation.
* Work on porting to native Win32 application started.
3.0b3 1999.03.05
* Improved behavior on heavy load.
3.0b2 1999.03.04
* Fixed -v parsing bug.
3.0b1 1999.01.18
* New user interface.
* Client mode added.
* Peer certificate verification added (=strong authentication).
* Win32 port added.
* Other minor problems fixed.
2.1 1998.06.01
* Few bugs fixed.
2.0 1998.05.25
* Remote mode added!
* Standalone mode added!
* tcpd functionality added by libwrap utilization.
* DH callbacks removed by kravietZ.
* bind loopback on Intel and other bugs fixed by kravietZ.
* New manual page by kravietZ & myself.
1.6 1998.02.24
* Linux bind fix.
* New TODO ideas!
1.5 1998.02.24
* make_sockets() implemented with Internet sockets instead
of Unix sockets for better compatibility.
(i.e. to avoid random data returned by getpeername(2))
This feature can be disabled in stunnel.c.
1.4 1998.02.16
* Ported to HP-UX, Solaris and probably other UNIXes.
* Autoconfiguration added.
1.3 1998.02.14
* Man page by Pawel Krawczyk <> added!
* Copyrights added.
* Minor errors corrected.
1.2 1998.02.14
* Separate certificate for each service added.
* Connection logging support.
1.1 1998.02.14
* Callback functions added by Pawel Krawczyk
* <>.
1.0 1998.02.11
* First version with SSL support
* - special thx to Adam Hernik <>.
0.1 1998.02.10
* Testing skeleton.