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stunnel Universal SSL tunnel
1. If your machine supports POSIX threads make sure your SSL
library is compiled with -DTHREADS.
2. Compile the software:
make install
(see potential options for 'configure' at the end of this file)
3. Create stunnel configuration file (stunnel.conf).
4. Add stunnel invocation to your system's startup files.
For SysV-compatible init you can use stunnel.init script.
Modify /etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf, restart inetd (inetd mode).
See the manual for details.
5. There are a variety of compile-time options you may supply when
running configure. Most commonly used are:
where your SSL libraries and include files are installed
read randomness from FILE for PRNG seeding
location of Entropy Gathering Daemon socket, if running EGD
(for example on a machine that lacks a /dev/urandom device)
Use `./configure --help' to see all the options.