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stunnel Universal SSL tunnel
Two stunnel executables are available for Windows CE platform:
1) stunnel.exe - version with interactive GUI
2) tstunnel.exe - non-iteractive version for headless devices
Building stunnel from source (optional):
1) install the following tools:
evt2002web_min.exe from
ActivePerl from
unzip.exe (file needs to be renamed) from
2) download the OpenSSL source files (the whole directory):
3) your directory should look like this:
4) type "build" to build OpenSSL
5) download and unpack stunnel-(version).tar.gz
4) enter "stunnel-(version)\src" subdirectory
5) type "makece" to build stunnel
Installing stunnel:
1) copy OpenSSL DLLs and stunnel.exe or tstunnel.exe into \stunnel directory
2) read the manual (stunnel.html)
3) create/edit stunnel.conf configuration file