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I created a custom asset directory (lib/assets).

I added it to the rails asset paths in my application.rb.

config.assets.paths << "#{Rails.root}/lib/"

I have a class in that custom asset directory (users.js.rb).

This asset does not get included (users.js.rb) when serving up my pages.

It does get included when the asset is located in app/assets/javascripts.

Any idea as to why my user.js.rb class in my custom asset directory isn't being included?

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Sadly yes, I think it's related to the fix to this rails issue: rails/rails#7587

To fix it I forced the cache of paths that need eager loading, here:

A temporary solution is probably to use config.before_initialize as I do here:

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Is this still an issue?

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I'll close assuming it's not an issue anymore. Feel free to reopen/ping me if there's anything I can do.

@elia elia closed this May 4, 2015
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