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Add some clarification to running specs using rspec
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## Usage

Add `opal-rspec` to your Gemfile:

gem 'opal-rspec'

### Run specs in phantomjs

To run specs, a rake task can be added which will load all spec files from

require 'opal/rspec/rake_task'

Then, to run your specs inside phantomjs, just run the rake task:

bundle exec rake

### Run specs in a browser

`opal-rspec` can use sprockets to build and serve specs over a simple rack
server. Add the following to a `` file:

require 'bundler'

run { |s|
s.main = 'opal/rspec/sprockets_runner'
s.append_path 'spec'
s.debug = false

Then run the rack server `bundle exec rackup` and visit `http://localhost:9292`
in any web browser.

## Contributing

Install required gems at required versions:

$ bundle install
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