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Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. This project tries to adhere to Semantic Versioning, even before v1.0.

Changes are grouped as follows:

  • Added for new features.
  • Changed for changes in existing functionality.
  • Deprecated for once-stable features removed in upcoming releases.
  • Removed for deprecated features removed in this release.
  • Fixed for any bug fixes.
  • Security to invite users to upgrade in case of vulnerabilities.

Unreleased - unreleased


  • Basic support for uplevel: keyword argument in Kernel#warn (#2006)
  • Added a #respond_to_missing? implementation for BasicObject, Delegator, OpenStruct, that's meant for future support in the Opal runtime, which currently ignores it (#2007)
  • Opal::Compiler#magic_comments that allows to access magic-comments format and converts it to a hash (#2038)
  • Use magic-comments to declare helpers required by the file (#2038)
  • Opal.$$ is now a shortcut for Opal.const_get_relative (#2038)
  • Opal.$$$ is now a shortcut for Opal.const_get_qualified (#2038)
  • Added support for globalThis as the generic global object accessor (#2047)
  • Opal::Compiler#magic_comments that allows to access magic-comments format and converts it to a hash
  • Use magic-comments to declare helpers required by the file
  • Opal.$$ is now a shortcut for Opal.const_get_relative
  • Opal.$$$ is now a shortcut for Opal.const_get_qualified
  • Source-map support for Node.js in the default runner (#2045)
  • SecureRandom#hex(n) (#2050)
  • Added a generic implementation of Kernel#caller and #warn(uplevel:) that works with sourcemaps in Node.js and Chrome (#2065)
  • Added support for numblocks -> { _1 + _2 }.call(3, 4) # => 7 (#2149)
  • Support <internal:…> and <js:…> in stacktraces, like MRI we now distinguish internal lines from lib/app lines (#2154)


  • Array#delete_if (#2069)
  • Array#keep_if (#2069)
  • Array#reject! (#2069)
  • Array#select! (#2069)
  • Struct#dup (#1995)
  • Integer#gcdlcm (#1972)
  • Enumerable#to_h (#1979)
  • Enumerator#size (#1980)
  • Enumerable#min (#1982)
  • Enumerable#min_by (#1985)
  • Enumerable#max_by (#1985)
  • Set#intersect? (#1988)
  • Set#disjoint? (#1988)
  • Set#keep_if (#1987)
  • Set#select! (#1987)
  • Set#reject! (#1987)
  • Module#alias_method (#1983)
  • Enumerable#minmax_by (#1981)
  • Enumerator#each_with_index (#1990)
  • Range#== (#1992)
  • Range#each (#1991)
  • Enumerable#zip (#1986)
  • String#getbyte (#2141)
  • Struct#dup not copying $$data (#1995)
  • Fixed usage of semicolon in single-line backticks (#2004)
  • Module#attr with multiple arguments (#2003)
  • PathReader used to try to read missing files instead of respecting the missing_require_severity configuration value (#2044)
  • Removed some unused variables from the runtime (#2052)
  • Fixed a typo in the runtime (#2054)
  • Fix Regexp interpolation, previously interpolating with other regexps was broken (#2062)
  • Set match on StringScanner#skip and StringScanner#scan_until (#2061)
  • Fix ruby 2.7 warnings (#2071)
  • Improve the --help descriptions (#2146)


  • Updated outdated parser version (#2013)
  • Nashorn has been deprecated but GraalVM still supports it (#1997)
  • "opal/mini" now includes "opal/io" (#2002)
  • Regexps assigned to constants are now frozen (#2007)
  • Opal.$$ changed from being the constant cache of Object to being a shortcut for Opal.const_get_relative (#2038)
  • Moved REPL implementation from bin/ to its own lib/ file as opal/repl.rb (#2048)
  • Encoding.default_external is now initialized with __ENCODING__ (#2072)
  • Keep the MersenneTwister implementation private (#2108)
  • Change parser to 3.0 (#2148)
  • Fix forwarding a rescued error to a global var: rescue => $gvar (#2154)
  • Now using Parser v3.0 and targeting Ruby 3.0 (#2156)



  • Removed special compilation for the Opal.truthy? and Opal.falsy? helpers (#2076)

1.0.5 - 2020-12-23


  • [Backported] Add --rbrequire (-q) option to opal cmdline tool (#2120)
  • Improve the --help descriptions (#2146)

1.0.4 - 2020-12-13


  • [Backported] Using the --map / -P CLI option was only working in conjunction with other options (#1974)

1.0.3 - 2020-02-01


  • Fixed compiling code with Unicode chars from Opal with opal-parser (#2074)

1.0.2 - 2019-12-15

  • Increase the timeout for starting Chrome within the Chrome runner (#2037)
  • Run the Opal code within the body inside Chrome runner, it fixes an issue in opal-rspec (#2037)

1.0.1 - 2019-12-08


  • Relaxed parser version requirement (#2013)

1.0.0 - 2019-05-12


  • Added Module#prepend and completely overhauled the module and class inheritance system (#1826)

  • Methods and properties are now assigned with Object.defineProperty() as non-enumerable (#1821)

  • Backtrace now includes the location inside the source file for syntax errors (#1814)

  • Added support for a faster C-implemented lexer, it's enough to add gem 'c_lexer to the Gemfile (#1806)

  • Added Date#to_n that returns the JavaScript Date object (in native.rb). (#1779, #1792)

  • Added Array#pack (supports only C, S, L, Q, c, s, l, q, A, a formats). (#1723)

  • Added String#unpack (supports only C, S, L, Q, S>, L>, Q>, c, s, l, q, n, N, v, V, U, w, A, a, Z, B, b, H, h, u, M, m formats). (#1723)

  • Added File#symlink? for Node.js. (#1725)

  • Added Dir#glob for Node.js (does not support flags). (#1727)

  • Added support for a static folder in the "server" CLI runner via the OPAL_CLI_RUNNERS_SERVER_STATIC_FOLDER env var

  • Added the CLI option --runner-options that allows passing arbitrary options to the selected runner, currently the only runner making use of them is server accepting port and static_folder

  • Added a short helper to navigate constants manually: E.g. Opal.$$.Regexp.$$.IGNORECASE (see docs for "Compiled Ruby")

  • Added initial support for OpenURI module (using XMLHttpRequest on browser and xmlhttprequest on Node). (#1735)

  • Added String#prepend to the list of unsupported methods (because String are immutable in JavaScript)

  • Added methods (most introduced in 2.4/2.5):

    • Array#prepend (#1757)
    • Array#append (#1757)
    • Array#max (#1757)
    • Array#min (#1757)
    • Complex#finite? (#1757)
    • Complex#infinite? (#1757)
    • Complex#infinite? (#1757)
    • Date#to_time (#1757)
    • Date#next_year (#1885)
    • Date#prev_year (#1885)
    • Hash#slice (#1757)
    • Hash#transform_keys (#1757)
    • Hash#transform_keys! (#1757)
    • Numeric#finite? (#1757)
    • Numeric#infinite? (#1757)
    • Numeric#infinite? (#1757)
    • Integer#allbits? (#1757)
    • Integer#anybits? (#1757)
    • Integer#digits (#1757)
    • Integer#nobits? (#1757)
    • Integer#pow (#1757)
    • Integer#remainder (#1757)
    • Integer.sqrt (#1757)
    • Random.urandom (#1757)
    • String#delete_prefix (#1757)
    • String#delete_suffix (#1757)
    • String#casecmp? (#1757)
    • Kernel#yield_self (#1757)
    • String#unpack1 (#1757)
    • String#to_r (#1842)
    • String#to_c (#1842)
    • String#match? (#1842)
    • String#unicode_normalize returns self (#1842)
    • String#unicode_normalized? returns true (#1842)
    • String#[]= throws NotImplementedError(#1836)
  • Added support of the pattern argument for Enumerable#all?, Enumerable#any?, Enumerable#none?. (#1757)

  • Added ndigits option support to Number#floor, Number#ceil, Number#truncate. (#1757)

  • Added key and receiver attributes to the KeyError. (#1757)

  • Extended to support keyword_init option. (#1757)

  • Added a new Opal::Config.missing_require_severity option and relative --missing-require CLI flag. This option will command how the builder will behave when a required file is missing. Previously the behavior was undefined and partly controlled by dynamic_require_severity. Not to be confused with the runtime config option Opal.config.missing_require_severity; which controls the runtime behavior.

  • Added Matrix (along with the internal MRI utility E2MM)

  • Use shorter helpers for constant lookups, $$ for relative (nesting) lookups and $$$ for absolute (qualified) lookups

  • Add support for the Mersenne Twister random generator, the same used by CRuby/MRI (#657 & #1891)

  • [Nodejs] Added support for binary data in OpenURI (#1911, #1920)

  • [Nodejs] Added support for binary data in File#read (#1919, #1921)

  • [Nodejs] Added support for File#readlines (#1882)

  • [Nodejs] Added support for ENV#[], ENV#[]=, ENV#key?, ENV#has_key?, ENV#include?, ENV#member?, ENV#empty?, ENV#keys, ENV#delete and ENV#to_s (#1928)


  • BREAKING The dot (.) character is no longer replaced with [\s\S] in a multiline regexp passed to Regexp#match and Regexp#match? (#1796, #1795)
    • You're advised to always use [\s\S] instead of . in a multiline regexp, which is portable between Ruby and JavaScript
  • BREAKING Kernel#format (and sprintf alias) are now in a dedicated module corelib/kernel/format and available exclusively in opal (#1930)
    • Previously the methods were part of the corelib/kernel module and available in both opal and opal/mini
  • Filename extensions are no longer stripped from filenames internally, resulting in better error reporting (#1804)
  • The internal API for CLI runners has changed, now it's just a callable object
  • The --map CLI option now works only in conjunction with --compile (or --runner compiler)
  • The node CLI runner now adds its NODE_PATH entry instead of replacing the ENV var altogether
  • Added --disable-web-security option flag to the Chrome headless runner to be able to do XMLHttpRequest
  • Migrated parser to 2.5. Bump RUBY_VERSION to 2.5.0.
  • Exceptions raised during the compilation now add to the backtrace the current location of the opal file if available (#1814).
  • Better use of displayName on functions and methods and more readable temp variable names (#1910)
  • Source-maps are now inlined and already contain sources, incredibly more stable and precise (#1856)


  • The CLI --server-port 1234 option is now deprecated in favor of using --runner-options='{"port": 1234}'
  • Including ::Native is now deprecated because it generates conflicts with core classes in constant lookups (both Native::Object and Native::Array exist). Instead Native::Werapper should be used.
  • Using node_require 'my_module' to access the native require() function in Node.js is deprecated in favor of `require('my_module')` because static builders need to parse the call in order to function (#1886).


  • The node CLI runner no longer supports passing extra node options via the NODE_OPT env var, instead Node.js natively supports the NODE_OPTIONS env var.
  • The gem "hike" is no longer an external dependency and is now an internal dependency available as Opal::Hike (#1881)
  • Removed the internal Opal class Marshal::BinaryString (#1914)
  • Removed Racc, as it's now replaced by the parser gem (#1880)


  • Fix handling of trailing semicolons and JavaScript returns inside x-strings, the behavior is now well defined and covered by proper specs (#1776)
  • Fixed singleton method definition to return method name. (#1757)
  • Allow passing number of months to Date#next_month and Date#prev_month. (#1757)
  • Fixed pattern argument handling for Enumerable#grep and Enumerable#grep_v. (#1757)
  • Raise ArgumentError instead of TypeError from Numeric#step when step is not a number. (#1757)
  • At run-time LoadError wasn't being raised even with Opal.config.missing_require_severity; set to 'error'.
  • Fixed Kernel#public_methods to return instance methods if the argument is set to false. (#1848)
  • Fixed an issue in String#gsub that made it start an infinite loop when used recursively. (#1879)
  • Kernel#exit was using status 0 when a number or a generic object was provided, now accepts numbers and tries to convert objects with #to_int (#1898, #1808).
  • Fixed metaclass inheritance in subclasses of Module (#1901)
  • Method#to_proc now correctly sets parameters and arity on the resulting Proc (#1903)
  • Fixed bridged classes having their prototype removed from the original chain by separating them from the Ruby class (#1909)
  • Improve String#to_proc performance (#1888)
  • Fixed/updated the examples (#1887)
  • Opal.ancestors() now returns false for when provided with JS-falsy objects (#1839)
  • When subclassing now the constant is set before calling ::inherited (#1838)
  • String#to_sym now returns the string literal (#1835)
  • String#center now correctly checks length (#1833)
  • redo inside while now works properly (#1820)
  • Fixed compilation of empty/whitespace-only x-strings (#1811)
  • Fix ||= assignments on constants when the constant is not yet defined (#1935)
  • Fix String#chomp to return an empty String when arg == self (#1936)
  • Fix methods of Comparable when <=> does not return Numeric (#1945)
  • Fix Class#native_alias error message (#1946)
  • Fix gmt_offset (alias utc_offset) should return 0 if the date is UTC (#1941)
  • exceptionDetails.stackTrace can be undefined (#1955)
  • Implement String#each_codepoint and String#codepoints (#1944, #1947)
  • [internal] Terminate statement with semi-colon and remove unecessary semi-colon (#1948)
  • Some steps toward "strict mode" (#1953)
  • Preserve Exception.stack, in some cases the backtrace was lost (#1963)
  • Make String#ascii_only? a little less wrong (#1951)
  • Minor fixes to ::Native (#1957)

0.11.4 - 2018-11-07


  • Kernel#exit was using status 0 when a number or a generic object was provided, now accepts numbers and tries to convert objects with #to_int.

0.11.3 - 2018-08-28


  • Fixed Array#dup when method_missing support was disabled

0.11.2 - 2018-08-24


  • Remove symlink that caused problems on Windows

0.11.1 - 2018-07-17


  • Added support for a static folder in the "server" CLI runner via the OPAL_CLI_RUNNERS_SERVER_STATIC_FOLDER env var
  • Added ability to pass the port to the "server" CLI runner using the OPAL_CLI_RUNNERS_SERVER_PORT (explicit option passed via CLI is still working but deprecated)
  • Added a new Opal::Config.missing_require_severity option and relative --missing-require CLI flag. This option will command how the builder will behave when a required file is missing. Previously the behavior was undefined and partly controlled by dynamic_require_severity. Not to be confused with the runtime config option Opal.config.missing_require_severity; which controls the runtime behavior.
  • At run-time LoadError wasn't being raised even with Opal.config.missing_require_severity; set to 'error'.

0.11.0 - 2017-12-08


  • Added support for complex (0b1110i) and rational (0b1111r) number literals. (#1487)
  • Added 2.3.0 methods:
    • Array#bsearch_index
    • Array#dig
    • Enumerable#chunk_while
    • Enumerable#grep_v
    • Enumerable#slice_after
    • Enumerable#slice_when
    • Hash#>
    • Hash#<
    • Hash#>=
    • Hash#>=
    • Hash#dig
    • Hash#fetch_values
    • Hash#to_proc
    • Struct#dig
    • Kernel#itself
  • Added safe navigator (&.) support. (#1532)
  • Added Random class with seed support. The following methods were reworked to use it:
    • Kernel.rand
    • Kernel.srand
    • Array#shuffle
    • Array#shuffle!
    • Array#sample
  • Added rudimental history support to opal-repl, just create the history file (~/.opal-repl-history) and it record the last 1000 lines
  • Added JS::Error error class that can be used to catch any JS error.
  • Added Method#source_location and Method#comments.
  • Added a deprecation API that can be set to raise on deprecation with: Opal.raise_on_deprecation = true
  • Added Opal::SimpleServer as the quickest way to get up and running with Opal: rackup -ropal -ropal/simple_server -b 'Opal.append_path("app"); run'
  • Added String#ascii_only? (#1592)
  • Added StringScanner#matched_size (#1595)
  • Added Hash#compare_by_identity (#1657)


  • Dropped support for IE8 and below, and restricted Safari and Opera support to the last two versions
  • Dropped support for PhantomJS as it was abandoned.


  • Removed self-written lexer/parser. Now uses parser/ast gems to convert source code to AST. (#1465)
  • Migrated parser to 2.3. Bump RUBY_VERSION to 2.3.0.
  • Changed to be 2.3 compliant:
    • Enumerable#chunk (to take only a a block)
    • Enumerable#slice_before (to raise proper argument errors)
    • Number#positive? (to return false for 0)
  • Use meaningful names for temporary variables in compiled JavaScript (e.g. for def foo was TMP_123, now TMP_foo_123)
  • Dynamic require severity now defaults to :ignore meaning that by default a LoadError will be raised at runtime instead of compile time.


  • require 'opal/server and Opal::Server are deprecated in favor of require 'opal/sprockets/server' and Opal::Sprockets::Server (now part of the opal-sprockets gem).


  • Removed yaml from stdlib, the older implementation was only available for NodeJS and not tested. Replace with require 'nodejs/yaml'
  • Extracted sprockets support to opal-sprockets which should allow for wider support and less coupling (e.g. the opal gem will now be able to improve the compiler without worrying about sprockets updates). All the old behavior is preserved except for Opal::Server that has become Opal::Sprockets::Server (see Deprecated section above).


  • Strip Regexp flags that are unsupported by browsers (backport), previously they were ignored, lately most of them now raise an error for unknown flags.


  • Newly compliant with the Ruby Spec Suite:

    • Module#class_variables
    • Module#class_variable_get
    • Module#class_variable_set
    • Module#remove_class_variable
    • Module#include?
    • Numeric#step (#1512)
  • Improvements for Range class (#1486)

    • Moved private/tainted/untrusted specs to not supported
    • Conforming Range#to_s and Range#inspect
    • Starting Range#bsearch implementation
    • Simple Range#step implementation
    • Fixing Range#min for empty Ranges
    • Fixing Range#last(n) Range#first(n) and one edge case of Range#each
    • Fixing some Range#step issues on String ranges
    • Simple Range#bsearch implementation, passes about half the specs
    • Minor styling improvements. Fixed size of Range#step.
    • Compile complex ranges to "" so there will be a check for begin and end to be comparable.
  • Fixed defined? for methods raising exceptions

  • Fixed Kernel#loop (to catch StopIteration error)

  • Fixed inheritance from the Module class.

  • Fixed using --preload along with --no-opal for CLI

  • Fixed Integer("0") raising ArgumentError instead of parsing as 0

  • Fixed JSON#parse to raise JSON::ParserError for invalid input

  • Module#append_features now detects cyclic includes

  • Process.clock_gettime(Process::CLOCK_MONOTONIC) will now return true monotonic values or raise Errno::EINVAL if no monotonic clock is available

  • Opal::Builder no longer always raises an error when a dependency isn't found and instead respects dynamic_require_severity value

  • Fixed a constant reference to Sprockets::FileNotFound that previously pointed to Opal::Sprockets instead of ::Sprockets.

0.10.6 - 2018-06-21


  • Strip Regexp flags that are unsupported by browsers (backport), previously they were ignored, lately most of them now raise an error for unknown flags.


  • Fixed a constant reference to Sprockets::FileNotFound that previously pointed to Opal::Sprockets instead of ::Sprockets.

0.10.5 - 2017-06-21


  • Fix Time#zone for zones expressed numerically

0.10.4 - 2017-05-06


  • Better Opal::Config options documentation and organization
  • Always cache source-maps at build-time so they're available once enabled

0.10.3 - 2016-10-31


  • Fixed inheritance from the Module class (#1476)
  • Fixed source map server with url-encoded paths
  • Silence Sprockets 3.7 deprecations, full support for Sprockets 4 will be available in Opal 0.11
  • Don't print the full stack trace with deprecation messages

0.10.2 - 2016-09-09


  • Avoid special utf-8 chars in method names, now they start with $$

0.10.1 - 2016-07-06


  • Fixed -L option for compiling requires as modules (#1510)

0.10.0 - 2016-07-04


  • Pathname#relative_path_from
  • Source maps now include method names
  • Module#included_modules works
  • Internal runtime cleanup (#1241)
  • Make it easier to add custom runners for the CLI (#1261)
  • Add Rack v2 compatibility (#1260)
  • Newly compliant with the Ruby Spec Suite:
    • Array#slice!
    • Array#repeated_combination
    • Array#repeated_permutation
    • Array#sort_by!
    • Enumerable#sort
    • Enumerable#max
    • Enumerable#each_entry (#1303)
    • Module#const_set
    • Module#module_eval with a string
  • Add -L / --library option to compile only the code of the library (#1281)
  • Implement method (#1218)
  • Generate meaningful names for functions representing Ruby methods
  • Implement Pathname#join and Pathname#+ methods (#1301)
  • Added support for begin;rescue;else;end.
  • Implement File.extname method (#1219)
  • Added support for keyword arguments as lambda parameters.
  • Super works with define_method blocks
  • Added support for kwsplats.
  • Added support for squiggly heredoc.
  • Implement Method#parameters and Proc#parameters.
  • Implement"path").mtime, File.mtime("path"), File.stat("path").mtime.
  • if-conditions now support null and undefined as falsy values (#867)
  • Implement method for Node.js (#1332)
  • Implement IO.each_line method for Node.js (#1221)
  • Generate opal-builder.js to ease the compilation of Ruby library from JavaScript (#1290)


  • Remove deprecation of Opal::Environment after popular request
  • Setting Opal::Config.dynamic_require_severity will no longer affect Opal.dynamic_require_severity which now needs to be explicitly set if it differs from the default value of "warning" (See also the Opal.dynamic_require_severity rename below).
  • The new default for Opal::Config.dynamic_require_severity is now :warning
  • Opal.dynamic_require_severity and OPAL_CONFIG are now merged into Opal.config.missing_require_severity (defaults to error, the expected ruby behavior) and Opal.config.unsupported_features_severity (defaults to warning, e.g. a one-time heads up that freezing isn't supported). Added variable __OPAL_COMPILER_CONFIG__ that contains compiler options that may be used in runtime.
  • Hash instances should now list the string map ($$smap) as the first key, making debugging easier (most hashes will just have keys there).
  • Handle Pathname object in Pathname constructor


  • Opal::Processor.stubbed_files and Opal::Processor.stub_file in favor of Opal::Config.stubbed_files


  • Removed the previously deprecated Opal::Fragment#to_code
  • Removed the previously deprecated Opal::Processor.load_asset_code
  • Removed the previously deprecated acceptance of a boolean as single argument to


  • Module#ancestors and shared code like ==== and is_a? deal with singleton class modules better (#1449)
  • Class#to_s now shows correct names for singleton classes
  • Pathname#absolute? and Pathname#relative? now work properly
  • File::dirname and File::basename are now Rubyspec compliant
  • SourceMap::VLQ patch (#1075)
  • Regexp::new no longer throws error when the expression ends in \\
  • super works properly with overwritten alias methods (#1384)
  • NoMethodError does not need a name to be instantiated
  • method_added fix for singleton class cases
  • Super now works properly with blocks (#1237)
  • Fix using more than two rescue in sequence (#1269)
  • Fixed inheritance for Array subclasses.
  • Always populate all stub_subscribers with all method stubs, as a side effect of this now method_missing on bridged classes now works reliably (#1273)
  • Fix Hash#instance_variables to not return #default and #default_proc (#1258)
  • Fix Module#name when constant was created using Opal.cdecl (constant declare) like ChildClass = (#1259)
  • Fix issue with JavaScript nil return paths being treated as true (#1274)
  • Fix Array#to_n, Hash#to_n, Struct#to_n when the object contains native objects (#1249, #1256)
  • break semantics are now correct, except for the case in which a lambda containing a break is passed to a yield (#1250)
  • Avoid double "/" when Opal::Sprockets.javascript_include_tag receives a prefix with a trailing slash.
  • Fixed context of evaluation for Kernel#eval and BasicObject#instance_eval
  • Fix Module#=== to use all ancestors of the passed object (#1284)
  • Fix to be almost compatible with Rubyspec (#1251)
  • Fix Enumerator#with_index to return the result of the previously called method.
  • Improved Date.parse to cover most date formatting cases.
  • Fixed Module#const_get for dynamically created constants.
  • Fixed File.dirname to return joined String instead of Array.
  • Fixed multiple assignment for constants, i.e., allowing A, B = 1, 2.
  • Fixed Number#[] with negative number. Now (-1)[1] returns 1.
  • Fixed parsing of pre-defined $-? global variables.
  • Fixed parsing of unicode constants.
  • Fixed parsing of quoted heredoc identifier.
  • Fixed parsing of mass assignment of method call without parentheses.
  • Fixed parsing of %I{} lists.
  • Fixed parsing of %{} lists when list item contains same brackets.
  • Fixed an issue with "-" inside the second arg of String#tr
  • Fixed Base64 and enabled specs
  • Fixed method definition in method body.
  • Partially implemented Marshal.load/Marshal.dump. In order to use it require opal/full.
  • Fixed docs for Compiled Ruby - Native section. Rename opal variable to win since window was causing error
  • Fixed the --map option, now correclty outputs the sourcemap as json


  • Remove support for configuring Opal via Opal::Processor, the correct place is Opal::Config
  • Remove Opal.process which used to be an alias to Sprockets::Environment#[]

0.9.4 - 2016-06-20


  • Rebuilt the gem with Rubygems 2.4.8 as building with 2.5.1+ would make the gem un-installable

  • Removed all symlinks from node_module directories to avoid further issues building the gem

0.9.3 - 2016-06-16


  • Hash#initialize now accepts JS null as well as undefined, restoring its 0.8 behavior

0.9.2 - 2016-01-09


  • Rebuilt the gem with Ruby 2.2 as building with 2.3 would make the gem un-installable

0.9.1 - 2016-01-09


  • Backport rack2 compatibility (#1260)
  • Fixed issue with JS nil return paths being treated as true (#1274)
  • Fix using more than two rescue in sequence (#1269)

0.9.0 - 2015-12-20


  • A console wrapper has been added to the stdlib, requiring it will make available the $console global variable.

  • method_added, method_removed and method_undefined reflection now works.

  • singleton_method_added, singleton_method_removed and singleton_method_undefined reflection now works.

  • Now you can bridge a native class to a Ruby class that inherits from another Ruby class

  • Numeric semantics are now compliant with Ruby.

  • Complex has been fully implemented.

  • Rational has been fully implemented.

  • Kernel#raise now properly re-raises exceptions (regardless of how many levels deep you are) and works properly if supplied a class that has an exception method.

  • Exception#exception, Exception::exception, Exception#message, and Exception#to_s are fully implemented

  • You can make direct JavaScript method calls on using the recv.JS.methodsyntax. Has support for method calls, final callback (as a block), property getter and setter (via #[] and #[]=), splats, JavaScript keywords (via the ::JS module) and global functions (after require "js").

  • Set#superset?, Set#subset?, and the respective proper_ variant of each are now implemented

  • NameError and NoMethodError - add #name and #args attributes

  • RegExp#match now works correctly in multiline mode with white space

  • BasicObject#instance_eval now can accept a string argument (after require "opal-parser")

  • Adds Nashorn (Java 8+ Javascript engine) runner bundle exec bin/opal -R nashorn -r nashorn hello.rb

  • Newly compliant with the Ruby Spec Suite:

    • Enumerable#chunk
    • Enumerable#each_cons
    • Enumerable#minmax
    • Range#to_a (#1246)
    • Module comparison methods: #< #<= #<=> #> #>=
    • OpenStruct#method_missing
    • OpenStruct#inspect
    • OpenStruct#to_s
    • OpenStruct#delete_field


  • Renamed:
    • Hash.keys => Hash.$$keys
    • => Hash.$$map
    • Hash.smap => Hash.$$smap
  • Kernel#pp no longer forwards arguments directly to console.log, this behavior has been replaced by stdlib's own console.rb (see above).
  • Opal::Sprockets.javascript_include_tag has been added to allow easy debug mode (i.e. with source maps) when including a sprockets asset into an HTML page.


  • Opal::Processor.load_asset_code(sprockets, name) has been deprecated in favor of Opal::Sprockets.load_asset(name, sprockets).


  • Fixed usage of JavaScript keywords as instance variable names for:
    • Kernel#instance_variable_set
    • Kernel#instance_variable_get
    • Kernel#instance_variables
  • Struct#hash now works properly based on struct contents
  • No longer crashes when calling a method with an opt arg followed by an optional kwarg when called without the kwarg
  • Operator methods (e.g. +, <, etc.) can be handled by method_missing
  • Fix issue where passing a block after a parameter and a hash was causing block to not be passed (e.g. method1 some_param, 'a' => 1, &block)
  • Method defs issued inside Module#instance_eval and Class#instance_eval, and the respective exec now create class methods
  • Now with enabled arity checks calling a method with more arguments than those supported by its signature raises an ArgumentError as well.
  • Previously arity checks would raise an error without clearing the block for a method, that could lead to strange bugs in case the error was rescued.
  • Regexp#=== returns false when the right hand side of the expression cannot be coereced to a string (instead of throwing a TypeError)
  • Regexp#options has been optimized and correctly returns 0 when called on a Regexp literal without any options (e.g. //)
  • Fix Kernel#exit to allow exit inside #at_exit
  • Fixed a number of syntax errors (e.g. #1224 #1225 #1227 #1231 #1233 #1226)
  • Fixed Native() when used with Array instances containing native objects (which weren't wrapped properly) – #1212
  • Fix Array#to_n, Hash#to_n, Struct#to_n when the object contains native objects (#1249)
  • Internal cleanup and lots of bugs!

0.8.1 - 2015-10-12


  • Use official Sprockets processor cache keys API: The old cache key hack has been removed. Add Opal::Processor.cache_key and Opal::Processor.reset_cache_key! to reset it as it’s cached but should change whenever Opal::Config changes.


  • Fix an issue for which a Pathname was passed instead of a String to Sprockets.

0.8.0 - 2015-07-16


  • Hash[] implementation fully compliant with rubyspec

  • Newly compliant with the Ruby Spec Suite:

    • Array#bsearch
    • Array#combination
    • Array#permutation
    • Array#product
    • Array#rotate!
    • Array#rotate
    • Array#sample
    • Array#to_h
    • Array#values_at
    • Array#zip
    • Enumerator#with_index
    • Kernel#===
    • Kernel#Array
    • Kernel#Float
    • Kernel#Hash
    • Kernel#Integer
    • Kernel#String
    • Kernel#format
    • Kernel#sprintf
    • MatchData#==
    • MatchData#eql?
    • MatchData#values_at
    • Module#instance_methods
    • Regexp#match
    • String#%
    • String#===
    • String#==
    • String#[]
    • String#each_line
    • String#eql?
    • String#index
    • String#inspect
    • String#lines
    • String#match
    • String#next
    • String#oct
    • String#scan
    • String#slice
    • String#split
    • String#succ
    • String#to_i
    • String#try_convert


  • Updated to Sprockets v3.0.
  • Enable operator inlining by default in the compiler.


  • Removed minitest from stdlib. It's not part of MRI and it never belonged there, checkout the opal-minitest gem instead.


  • Delegate dependency management directly to Sprockets (when used) making sourcemaps swift again. This means code generated by sprockets will always need to be bootstrapped via Opal.load or Opal.require. Luckily Opal::Processor.load_asset_code(sprockets, name) does just that in the right way.
  • Fix Promise#always.
  • Fix String#split when no match is found and a limit is provided
  • Fix require_tree(".") when used from file at the root of the assets paths
  • Parser: Allow trailing comma in paren arglists, after normal args as well as assoc args.
  • Parser: Fix parsing of parens following divide operator without a space.
  • Parser: Fix bug where keyword arguments could not be parsed if method definition did not have parens around arguments.
  • Module#const_get now accepts a scoped constant name
  • Regexp#=== sets global match data vars

0.7.2 - 2015-04-23

  • Remove Sprockets 3.0 support (focus moved to upcoming 0.8)
  • Fix version number consistency.

0.7.1 - 2015-02-13

  • CLI options -d and -v now set respectively $DEBUG and $VERBOSE
  • Fixed a bug that would make the -v CLI option wait for STDIN input
  • Add the -E / --no-exit CLI option to skip implicit Kernel#exit call
  • Now the CLI implicitly calls Kernel#exit at the end of the script, thus making at_exit blocks be respected.

0.7.0 - 2015-02-01

  • Stop keyword-arg variable names leaking to global javascript scope

  • Class#native_class now also exposes (Ruby) as (JS)

  • Add CRuby (MRI) tests harness to start checking Opal against them too.

  • Add Minitest to the stdlib.

  • Add Date#<=> with specs.

  • Show extended info and context upon parsing, compiling and building errors.

  • Support keyword arguments in method calls and definitions.

  • Fix begin/rescue blocks to evaluate to last expression.

  • Add support for RUBY_ENGINE/RUBY_PLATFORM != "opal" pre-processor directives.

      if RUBY_ENGINE != "opal"
        # this code never compiles
  • Fix donating methods defined in modules. This ensures that if a class includes more than one module, then the methods defined on the class respect the order in which the modules are included.

  • Improved support for recursive Hash for both #inspect and #hash.

  • Optimized Hash implementation for String and Symbol, they have a separate hash-table in which they're used as both keys and hashes.

  • Added real #hash / eql? support, previously was relying on .toString().

  • String#to_proc now uses __send__ instead of send for calling methods on receivers.

  • Deprecated Opal::Sprockets::Environment. It can easily be replaced by Opal::Server or by appending Opal.paths to a Sprockets::Environment: { |e| Opal.paths.each {|p| e.append_path(p)} }
  • Add Set methods #classify, #collect!, #map!, #subtract #replace, #difference and #eql?

  • Support module_function without args to toggle module functions.

  • Fix bug where command calls with no space and sym arg were incorrectly parsed.

  • Add some StringScanner methods.

  • Add Date#<< and Date#>> implementations.

  • Support nested directories using require_tree directive.

  • Fix bug where Exception subclasses could not have methods defined on them.

  • Fix symbols with interpolations :"#{foo}"

  • Implement $1..N matchers and rewrite support for $~, $', $& and $`.

  • Implement Regexp.last_match.

  • Fixed -@ unary op. precedence with a numeric and followed by a method call (e.g. was parsed as -(

  • require_relative (with strings) is now preprocessed, expanded and added to Compiler#requires

  • Rewritten the require system to respect requires position (previously all the requires were stacked up at the top of the file)

  • Implement for-loop syntax

  • Add Array#|

  • Fix to raise ArgumentError on contructor values that cannot be compared

  • Fix compiler bug where Contiguous strings were not getting concatenated.

  • Cleanup generated code for constant access. All constant lookups now go through $scope.get('CONST_NAME') to produce cleaner code and a unified place for const missing dispatch.

  • Remove const_missing option from compiler. All constant lookups are now strict.

  • Add initial support for Module#autoload.

  • Fix Enumerator#with_index, Numeric#round.

0.6.3 - 2014-11-23

  • Fix Regexp.escape internal regexp

0.6.2 - 2014-04-24

  • Added Range#size

  • opal executable now reads STDIN when no file or -e are passed

  • opal executable doesn't exit after showing version on -v if other options are passed

  • (Internal) improved the mspec runner

0.6.1 - 2014-04-14

  • Updated RubySpec to master and added rubysl-* specs. Thanks to Mike Owens (@mieko)

  • Added Kernel#require_remote(url) in opal-parser that requires files with basic synchronous ajax GET requests. It is used to load <scripts type="text/ruby" src="…url…">.

  • Various parsing fixes (Hash parsing, def returns method name, cleanup core/util, Enumerator fixes)

  • Added #native_reader, #native_writer and #native_accessoras class methods donated by include Native

  • Added specs for Sprockets' processors (both .js.rb and .opalerb), backported from opal-rails

  • Set 2.1.1 as RUBY_VERSION

  • Add opal-build command utility to easily build libraries to js

  • Add opal-repl to gemspec executables, previously was only available by using Opal from source

  • Fix parsing => in hash literals where it would sometimes incorrectly parse as a key name.

0.6.0 - 2014-03-05

  • Fix parsing of escapes in single-strings ('foo\n'). Only ' and
    characters now get escaped in single quoted strings. Also, more escape sequences in double-quoted strings are now supported: \a, \v, \f, \e, \s, octal (\314), hex (\xff) and unicode (\u1234).

  • Sourcemaps revamp. Lexer now tracks column and line info for every token to produce much more accurate sourcemaps. All method calls are now located on the correct source line, and multi-line xstrings are now split to generate a map line-to-line for long inline javascript parts.

  • Merged sprockets support from opal-sprockets directly into Opal. For the next release, the exernal opal-sprockets gem is no longer needed. This commit adds Opal::Processor, Opal::Server and Opal::Environment.

  • Introduce pre-processed if directives to hide code from Opal. Two special constant checks now take place in the compiler. Either RUBY_ENGINE or RUBY_PLATFORM when == "opal". Both if and unless statements can pick up these logic checks:

      if RUBY_ENGINE == "opal"
        # this code compiles
        # this code never compiles


      unless RUBY_ENGINE == "opal"
        # this code never compiles

    This is particularly useful for avoiding require() statements being picked up, which are included at compile time.

  • Add special debugger method to compiler. Compiles down to javascript debugger keyword to start in-browser debug console.

  • Add missing string escapes to read_escape in lexer. Now most ruby escape sequences are properly detected and handled in string parsing.

  • Disable escapes inside x-strings. This means no more double escaping all characters in x-strings and backticks. (\n => \n).

  • Add time.rb to stdlib and moved Time.parse() and Time.iso8601() methods there.

  • ! is now treated as an unary method call on the object. Opal now parsed ! as a def method name, and implements the method on BasicObject, NilClass and Boolean.

  • Fixed bug where true/false as object literals from javascript were not correctly being detected as truthy/falsy respectively. This is due to the javascript "feature" where new Boolean(false) !== false.

  • Moved native.rb to stdlib. Native support must now be explicitly required into Opal. Native is also now a module, instead of a top level class. Also added Native::Object#respond_to?.

  • Remove all core #as_json() methods from json.rb. Added them externally to opal-activesupport.

  • Kernel#respond_to? now calls #respond_to_missing? for compliance.

  • Fix various String methods and add relevant rubyspecs for them. #chars, #to_f, #clone, #split.

  • Fix Array method compliance: #first, #fetch, #insert, #delete_at, #last, #splice, .try_convert.

  • Fix compliance of Kernel#extend and ensure it calls #extended() hook.

  • Fix bug where sometimes the wrong regexp flags would be generated in the output javascript.

  • Support parsing __END__ constructs in ruby code, inside the lexer. The content is gathered up by use of the parser. The special constant DATA is then available inside the ruby code to read the content.

  • Support single character strings (using ? prefix) with escaped characters.

  • Fix lexer to detect dereferencing on local variables even when whitespace is present (a = 0; a [0] parses as a deference on a).

  • Fix various Struct methods. Fixed #each and #each_pair to return self. Add Struct.[] as synonym for

  • Implemented some Enumerable methods: #collect_concat, #flat_map, #reject, #reverse_each, #partition and #zip.

  • Support any Tilt template for index_path in Opal::Server. All index files are now run through Tilt (now supports haml etc).

  • Fix code generation of op_asgn_1 calls (foo[val] += 10).

  • Add base64 to stdlib.

  • Add promises implementation to stdlib.

  • Add Math module to corelib.

  • Use //# instead of //@ deprecated syntax for sourceMappingURL.

  • Implicitly require erb from stdlib when including erb templates.

  • Fix Regexp.escape to also escape '(' character.

  • Support '<' and '>' as matching pairs in string boundrys %q<hi>.

  • Opal::Server no longer searches for an index file if not specified.

  • Move Math and Encoding to stdlib. Can be required using require 'math', etc.

  • Fix some stdlib Date methods.

  • Fix Regexp.escape to properly escape \n, \t, \r, \f characters.

  • Add Regexp.quote as an alias of escape.

0.5.5 - 2013-11-25

  • Fix regression: add %i[foo bar] style words back to lexer

  • Move corelib from opal/core to opal/corelib. This stops files in core/ clashing with user files.

0.5.4 - 2013-11-20

  • Reverted RUBY_VERSION to 1.9.3. Opal 0.6.0 will be the first release for 2.0.0.

0.5.3 - 2013-11-20

  • Opal now targets ruby 2.0.0

  • Named function inside class body now generates with $ prefix, e.g. $MyClass. This makes it easier to wrap/bridge native functions.

  • Support Array subclasses

  • Various fixes to String, Kernel and other core classes

  • Fix Method#call to use correct receiver

  • Fix Module#define_method to call #to_proc on explicit argument

  • Fix super() dispatches on class methods

  • Support yield() calls from inside a block (inside a method)

  • Cleanup string parsing inside lexer

  • Cleanup parser/lexer to use t and k prefixes for all tokens

0.5.2 - 2013-11-11

  • Include native into corelib for 0.5.x

0.5.1 - 2013-11-10

  • Move all corelib under core/ directory to prevent filename clashes with require

  • Move native.rb into stdlib - must now be explicitly required

  • Implement BasicObject#__id__

  • Cleanup and fix various Enumerable methods

0.5.0 - 2013-11-03

  • Optimized_operators is no longer a compiler option
  • Replace Opal.bridge_class() with class Foo < `bar` syntax
  • Expose Opal.bridge_class() for bridging native prototypes
  • Source maps improvements
  • Massive Rubyspec cleanup + passing specs
  • Massive Corelib/Stdlib cleanup + fixes
  • Massive internal cleanup + fixes

See the full diff for more details (almost 800 commits)

0.4.4 - 2013-08-13

  • Remove native object method calls
  • Add Struct class
  • Add method stubs as method_missing option, stubs enabled by default
  • Native is now used to wrap native objects directly
  • Fix and Hash.allocate for subclasses
  • Generate sourcemaps from fragments
  • Allow blocks to be passed to zsuper (no args) calls
  • Fix yield when given 1 or multiple arguments for block destructuring

0.4.3 - 2013-07-24

  • Re-implement class system. Classes are now real objects instead of converted Procs. This allows classes to properly inherit methods from each other.
  • Fix exception hierarchy. Not all standard exception classes were subclassing the correct parent classes, this is now fixed.
  • Move ERB into stdlib. The erb compiler/parser has also been moved into lib/
  • Opal::Builder class. A simple port/clone of sprockets general building. This allows us to build projects similar to the way opal-sprockets does.
  • Move json.rb to stdlib.

0.4.2 - 2013-07-03

  • Added Kernel#rand. (fntzr)

  • Restored the bin/opal executable in gemspec.

  • Now .valueOf() is used in #to_n of Boolean, Numeric, Regexp and String to return the naked JavaScript value instead of a wrapping object.

  • Parser now wraps or-ops in paranthesis to stop variable order from leaking out when minified by uglify. We now have code in this format: (((tmp = lhs) !== false || !==nil) ? tmp : rhs).

0.4.1 - 2013-06-16

  • Move sprockets logic out to external opal-sprockets gem. That now handles the compiling and loading of opal files in sprockets.

0.4.0 - 2013-06-15

  • Added fragments to parser. All parser methods now generate one or more Fragments which store the original sexp. This allows us to enumerate over them after parsing to map generated lines back to original line numbers.

  • Reverted null for nil. Too buggy at this time.

  • Add Opal::SprocketsParser as Parser subclass for handling parsing for sprockets environment. This subclass handles require statements and stores them for sprockets to use.

  • Add :irb option to parser to keep top level lvars stored inside opal runtime so that an irb session can be persisted and maintain access to local variables.

  • Add Opal::Environment#use_gem() helper to add a gem to opals load path.

  • Stop pre-setting ivars to nil. This is no longer needed as nil is now null or undefined.

  • Use null as nil in opal. This allows us to send methods to null and undefined, and both act as nil. This makes opal a much better javascript citizen. REVERTED

  • Add Enumerable#none? with specs.

  • Add Opal.block_send() runtime helper for sending methods to an object which uses a block.

  • Remove _klass variable for denoting ruby classes, and use constructor instead. constructor is a javascript property used for the same purpose, and this makes opal fit in as a better js citizen.

  • Add Class.bridge_class method to bridge a native constructor into an opal class which will set it up with all methods from Object, as well as giving it a scope and name.

  • Added native #[]= and #to_h methods, for setting properties and converting to a hash respectivaly.

  • Fix bug where '::' was parsed as :colon2 instead of :colon3 when in an args scope. Fixes #213

  • Remove lots of properties added to opal classes. This makes normal js constructors a lot closer to opal classes, making is easier to treat js classes as opal classes.

  • Merge Hash.from_native into

0.3.44 - 2013-05-31

  • Cleanup runtime, and remove various flags and functions from opal objects and classes (moving them to runtime methods).

  • Remove some activesupport methods into external lib.

  • Add/fix lots of String methods, with specs.

  • Add more methods to MatchData class.

  • Implement $' and $` variables.

  • Opal can now call methods on all native objects, via method missing dispatcher.

  • Add Opal::Environment as custom sprockets subclass which adds all opal load paths automatically.

0.3.43 - 2013-05-02

  • Stop inlining respond_to? inside the parser. This now fully respects an object overriding respond_to?.

  • Expose Opal.eval() function when parser is loaded for parsing and running strings of ruby code.

  • Add erb to corelib (as well as compiler to gem lib). ERB files with .opalerb extension will automatically be compiled into Template constant.

  • Added some examples into examples/ dir.

  • Add Opal.send() javascript function for sending methods to ruby objects.

  • Native class for wrapping and interacting with native objects and function calls.

  • Add local_storage to stdlib as a basic wrapper around localStorage.

  • Make method_missing more performant by reusing same dispatch function instead of reallocating one for each run.

  • Fix Kernel#format to work in firefox. String.prototype.replace() had different semantics for empty matching groups which was breaking Kernel#format.

0.3.42 - 2013-03-21

  • Fix/add lots of language specs.

  • Seperate sprockets support out to opal-sprockets gem.

  • Support %r[foo] style regexps.

  • Use mspec to run specs on corelib and runtime. Rubyspecs are now used, where possible to be as compliant as possible.

0.3.41 - 2013-02-26

  • Remove bin/opal - no longer required for building sources.

  • Depreceate Opal::Environment. The Opal::Server class provides a better method of using the opal load paths. Opal.paths still stores a list of load paths for generic sprockets based apps to use.

0.3.40 - 2013-02-23

  • Add Opal::Server as an easy to configure rack server for testing and running Opal based apps.

  • Added optional arity check mode for parser. When turned on, every method will have code which checks the argument arity. Off by default.

  • Exception subclasses now relfect their name in webkit/firefox debuggers to show both their class name and message.

  • Add Class#const_set. Trying to access undefined constants by a literal constant will now also raise a NameError.

0.3.39 - 2013-02-20

  • Fix bug where methods defined on a parent class after subclass was defined would not given subclass access to method. Subclasses are now also tracked by superclass, by a private '_inherited' property.

  • Fix bug where classes defined by did not have a constant scope.

  • Move Date out of opal.rb loading, as it is part of stdlib not corelib.

  • Fix for defining methods inside metaclass, or singleton_class scopes.

0.3.38 - 2013-02-19

  • Add Native module used for wrapping objects to forward calls as native calls.

  • Support method_missing for all objects. Feature can be enabled/disabled on Opal::Processor.

  • Hash can now use any ruby object as a key.

  • Move to Sprockets based building via Opal::Processor.

0.3.37 - 2013-02-15

  • Extract the JavaScript runtime to opal/runtime.js
  • Add core template.rb for the basis of template libraries for Opal

0.3.36 - 2013-02-08

  • Use Ruby require directive inside Sprockets
  • Depreceate Opal.process in favour of Opal::Environment

0.3.35 - 2013-02-05

  • Internal cleanup

0.3.34 - 2013-02-05

  • Fix bug where camelcased lvars could parse as constants
  • Add Array#shuffle
  • Migrate to Sprockets-based building
  • Move ERB to separate gem

0.3.33 - 2013-01-18

  • Implement attr_reader/writer/accessor for dynamic uses
  • Hash internals update