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# Contributing

This is the issue tracker for Opal. If you have a more general question about
using opal (or related libraries) then use the
[google group for opal](!forum/opalrb), or the
[#opal]( irc channel on

## Contributing

* Before opening a new issue, search for previous discussions including closed
ones. At comments there if a similar issue is found.

* Before sending pull requests make sure all tests run and pass (see below).

* Make sure to use a similar coding style to the rest of the code base. In ruby
and javascript code we use 2 spaces (no tabs).

## Quick Start

Clone repo:
Expand All @@ -14,13 +30,23 @@ Get dependencies:
$ bundle

## Tests
## Running Tests

### Runtime

Some opal specific tests are found inside `spec/`, but the majority of our
runtime tests now come from rubyspec. Rubyspec is included as a git submodule.
To get our latest referenced checkout, just run:

$ git submodule update --init

You need phantomjs installed to run tests. To build opal, its dependencies
and all specs, run:

$ rake
$ bundle exec rake mspec

You can alternatively run tests in a browser using:
Expand All @@ -30,3 +56,21 @@ $ rackup

And then opening `` in a web browser.

### Gem/lib tests

We also include some tests for running under your standard ruby implementation
which are in `mri_spec/`. To run tests tests using rake, use:

$ bundle exec rake mri_spec

### All tests

To run all the tests together (which you should do while contributing), run:

$ bundle exec rake

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