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adambeynon committed Dec 2, 2013
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## edge

* Sourcemaps revamp. Lexer now tracks column and line info for ever token to
produce much more accurate sourcemaps. All method calls are now located on
the correct source line, and multi-line xstrings are now split to generate
a map line-to-line for long inline javascript parts.

* Merged sprockets support from `opal-sprockets` directly into Opal. For the
next release, the exernal `opal-sprockets` gem is no longer needed. This
commit adds `Opal::Processor`, `Opal::Server` and `Opal::Environment`.

* Add special `debugger` method to compiler. Compiles down to javascript
`debugger` keyword to start in-browser debug console.

* Add missing string escapes to `read_escape` in lexer. Now most ruby escape
sequences are properly detected and handled in string parsing.

* Add `time.rb` to stdlib and moved `Time.parse()` and `Time.iso8601()`
methods there.

* Moved `native.rb` to stdlib. Native support must now be explicitly required
into Opal. `Native` is also now a module, instead of a top level class.

* Remove all core `#as_json()` methods from `json.rb`. Added them externally
to `opal-activesupport`.

* `Kernel#respond_to?` now calls `#respond_to_missing?` for compliance.

* Fix various `String` methods and add relevant rubyspecs for them.

* Fix compliance of `Kernel#extend` and ensure it calls `#extended()` hook.

## 0.5.5 2013-11-25

* Fix regression: add `%i[foo bar]` style words back to lexer
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