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## edge

## 0.4.2 2013-07-03

* Added `Kernel#rand`. (fntzr)

* Restored the `bin/opal` executable in gemspec.

* Now `.valueOf()` is used in `#to_n` of Boolean, Numeric, Regexp and String
to return the naked JavaScript value instead of a wrapping object.

* Parser now wraps or-ops in paranthesis to stop variable order from
leaking out when minified by uglify. We now have code in this
format: `(((tmp = lhs) !== false || !==nil) ? tmp : rhs)`.

## 0.4.1 2013-06-16

* Move sprockets logic out to external opal-sprockets gem. That now
handles the compiling and loading of opal files in sprockets.

## 0.4.0 2013-06-15

* Added fragments to parser. All parser methods now generate one or
more Fragments which store the original sexp. This allows us to
enumerate over them after parsing to map generated lines back to
original line numbers.

* Reverted `null` for `nil`. Too buggy at this time.

* Add Opal::SprocketsParser as Parser subclass for handling parsing
for sprockets environment. This subclass handles require statements
and stores them for sprockets to use.

* Add :irb option to parser to keep top level lvars stored inside
opal runtime so that an irb session can be persisted and maintain
access to local variables.

* Add Opal::Environment#use_gem() helper to add a gem to opals load

* Stop pre-setting ivars to `nil`. This is no longer needed as `nil`
is now `null` or `undefined`.

* Use `null` as `nil` in opal. This allows us to send methods to
`null` and `undefined`, and both act as `nil`. This makes opal a
much better javascript citizen. **REVERTED**

* Add Enumerable#none? with specs.

* Add Opal.block_send() runtime helper for sending methods to an
object which uses a block.

* Remove \_klass variable for denoting ruby classes, and use
constructor instead. constructor is a javascript property used for
the same purpose, and this makes opal fit in as a better js citizen.

* Add Class.bridge\_class method to bridge a native constructor into an
opal class which will set it up with all methods from Object, as
well as giving it a scope and name.

* Added native #[]= and #to_h methods, for setting properties and
converting to a hash respectivaly.

* Fix bug where '::' was parsed as :colon2 instead of :colon3 when in
an args scope. Fixes #213

* Remove lots of properties added to opal classes. This makes normal
js constructors a lot closer to opal classes, making is easier to
treat js classes as opal classes.

* Merge Hash.from_native into

## 0.3.44 2013-05-31

* Cleanup runtime, and remove various flags and functions from opal
objects and classes (moving them to runtime methods).

* Remove some activesupport methods into external lib.

* Add/fix lots of String methods, with specs.

* Add more methods to MatchData class.

* Implement $' and $` variables.

* Opal can now call methods on all native objects, via method missing

* Add Opal::Environment as custom sprockets subclass which adds all
opal load paths automatically.

## 0.3.43 2013-05-02

* Stop inlining respond_to? inside the parser. This now fully respects
an object overriding respond_to?.

* Expose `Opal.eval()` function when parser is loaded for parsing
and running strings of ruby code.

* Add erb to corelib (as well as compiler to gem lib). ERB files with
.opalerb extension will automatically be compiled into Template

* Added some examples into examples/ dir.

* Add Opal.send() javascript function for sending methods to ruby

* Native class for wrapping and interacting with native objects and
function calls.

* Add local_storage to stdlib as a basic wrapper around localStorage.

* Make method_missing more performant by reusing same dispatch function
instead of reallocating one for each run.

* Fix Kernel#format to work in firefox. String.prototype.replace() had
different semantics for empty matching groups which was breaking

## 0.3.42 2013-03-21

* Fix/add lots of language specs.

* Seperate sprockets support out to opal-sprockets gem.

* Support %r[foo] style regexps.

* Use mspec to run specs on corelib and runtime. Rubyspecs are now
used, where possible to be as compliant as possible.

## 0.3.41 2013-02-26

* Remove bin/opal - no longer required for building sources.

* Depreceate Opal::Environment. The Opal::Server class provides a better
method of using the opal load paths. Opal.paths still stores a list of
load paths for generic sprockets based apps to use.

## 0.3.40 2013-02-23

* Add Opal::Server as an easy to configure rack server for testing and
running Opal based apps.

* Added optional arity check mode for parser. When turned on, every method
will have code which checks the argument arity. Off by default.

* Exception subclasses now relfect their name in webkit/firefox debuggers
to show both their class name and message.

* Add Class#const_set. Trying to access undefined constants by a literal
constant will now also raise a NameError.

## 0.3.39 2013-02-20

* Fix bug where methods defined on a parent class after subclass was defined
would not given subclass access to method. Subclasses are now also tracked
by superclass, by a private '_inherited' property.

* Fix bug where classes defined by `` did not have a constant scope.

* Move Date out of opal.rb loading, as it is part of stdlib not corelib.

* Fix for defining methods inside metaclass, or singleton_class scopes.

## 0.3.38 2013-02-13

* Add Native module used for wrapping objects to forward calls as native

* Support method_missing for all objects. Feature can be enabled/disabled on

* Hash can now use any ruby object as a key.

* Move to Sprockets based building via `Opal::Processor`.

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