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* **opal** opal additions/special behaviour in the runtime/corelib
* **cli** specs for opal lib (parser, lexer, grammar, compiler etc)

## Browser support

* Internet Explorer 6+
* Firefox (Current - 1) or Current
* Chrome (Current - 1) or Current
* Safari 5.1+
* Opera 12.1x or (Current - 1) or Current

Any problem above browsers should be considered and reported as a bug.

(Current - 1) or Current denotes that we support the current stable version of
the browser and the version that preceded it. For example, if the current
version of a browser is 24.x, we support the 24.x and 23.x versions.

12.1x or (Current - 1) or Current denotes that we support Opera 12.1x as well
as last 2 versions of Opera. For example, if the current Opera version is 20.x,
we support Opera 12.1x, 19.x and 20.x but not Opera 15.x through 18.x.

Cross-browser testing sponsored by [BrowserStack](

## License

(The MIT License)
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