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LaMaille-Free [v1.1.038] 17.02.2017 - stable

  • Modified : apply new legal statement in seabass Dicentrarchus labrax french leasure sea fishing.
  • Improved : display for species with bag limit (PMA).
  • Improved : display for species with limited fishing dates.
  • Added : Private metrics on picture display, ie time to display in ms
  • Added : Private metrics : privacy management and bandwith used/management - User may join to volonteers and send anonymous data for added metrics
    • Data are collected through PIWIK.
    • LRU logic : Data timestamp must be less than 24h00 and/or be less than 4 Mo - about 2 Mo JSON compressed POST - Bulktracking.
  • Added : Private metrics : setting interface : Optout (default). Optin, join volonteers to help to improve picture display features + send data when WIFI. Optin + always send data. Choice is made in one list and in one click.
  • Modified : handle devices from API 10 to API 25
  • Modified : switch from Fresco 1.0.1 to 1.1.0
  • Modified : switch from OkHttp 3.0.1 to 3.6.0
  • Modified : switch pictures download to HTTP2 when device API handle it
  • Modified : removed Google Play Services depencies to keep API 10 devices not deprecated with next releases. In app textual suggestions when search with Google on device will not work anymore.
  • Removed : setting interface : checkbox to enable Google textual suggestions on in app searches. Not in use anymore.

LaMaille-Free [v1.1.043] 02.02.2018 - next stable - not yet released but ASAP

LaMaille-Free [v1.1.042] 29.08.2017 - beta

LaMaille-Free [v1.1.04n] not released yet - in progress - beta

On the road - prospection - sandbox