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MCSwitch is for switching minecraft version. (for OSX and Linux)
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MCSwitch provides environment for you to play plural minecraft versions.

alt text

How to use

1.You have to start minecraft once before installing MCSwitch.
2.Install MCSwtich and start it.
3.Select your environment which you want to play.
3.Or, you can add new environment.
4.Push OK button.
5.Close MCSwtich and launch minecraft!


version 0.4.0
* Support both osx and linux.
version 0.3.1
* Fix critical bug  


License is LGPLv2
This app is based on QWidget system. Therefore, You can build it on Qt4 if you rewrite CMakeLists.txt.

If you will build this application from source code,you have to install CMake.

Compiling from source code.

I think you might as well imitate general cmake way.

Clone my source

Run this command...

$ git clone git://  

and go in cloned directory.
Would you like to compile dev version?
You can build from dev branch. Please switch to dev branch.

Run cmake

First,make a directory for work.

$ mkdir build  

Second,run cmake command. Please also attach options to command if necesarry.

$ cmake ../  

※ CMake will generate a GNU Makefile.

execute gnu make command
$ make  

Uninstall it

Run on your terminal.

$ ./


MCSwitch is released under a MIT License.
See also LICENSE.txt

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