A highly legible dark syntax theme for Atom
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newbound dark syntax theme for Atom

newbound dark is a subtle, medium contrast theme for Atom, based on the hues and shades from Oliver Pattison’s website. Optimized for writing Markdown and front-end development, it should also work for general use.

See also: newbound light and newbound warm.

16 swatches of each color

sample of newbound colors

View on Atom.io

View on GitHub


  • Medium contrast without any dissonant color pairings
  • Consistent support for syntax grammar across languages
  • Carefully selected, Base16-inspired palette, with blue and red accents
  • Support for UIs that are responsive to hues from syntax themes, like the built-in One Dark UI theme
  • Subtle invisibles (if enabled in Settings)
  • Bracket matching style
  • Suitable for monospace fonts without an italic variant

Specific support for these syntaxes

  • HTML
  • (GitHub-flavored) Markdown
  • Liquid
  • CSS
  • SCSS/Sass
  • Less
  • JavaScript
  • JSON
  • YAML
  • Ruby
  • todo

General support for other languages is intended but not guaranteed.

newbound is friendly toward Jekyll development, particularly if used with liquid-language support (not built-in).

Optimized for One Dark UI and One Light UI.

HTML (and Liquid)

HTML and Liquid text sample


Markdown text sample


JavaScript code sample

SCSS (or CSS, Sass, or Less)

SCSS text sample


Ruby code sample


This theme can be installed with the Atom package manager in the app or on the command line.

Within Atom

Search in Settings (Preferences) > Install for this package.

Or on a command line

$ apm install newbound-dark-syntax

After it is installed, it can be activated by going to the Settings (Preferences) > Themes section and selecting it from the Syntax Theme menu.

Not using Atom?

Use the colors.yml file with Base16 Builder to generate a theme for a different text editor. This theme was created by hand, so results may vary from this implementation.

Have a problem or a suggestion?

Submit an issue on GitHub