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Source for Pine Orchard Antique Prints

Pine Orchard Prints is an online shop that sells original prints and maps, mostly from the 19th century United States.

These are the theme and configuration files associated with that site.


Made for Shopify and based on Timber, a theme-building framework made by Carson Shold.

Original design in this theme is specific to Pine Orchard Prints and is not reusable for other Shopify stores. Feel free to look at the code and borrow ideas from it, but be aware that the theme is largely custom-made for a client and is less flexible for general use than Timber or a sold theme would be.


The content on the site (photography and writing) is primarily created by Keith Pattison, the shop owner.

Shopify’s Timber is under the MIT License. This theme is based partly on Timber.

Display typography is Cardo (served by Adobe Typekit).

The site design is by Oliver Pattison – all original design work copyright is retained.