@opcon opcon released this Feb 28, 2017 · 3 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Version 0.14


  • 🐌 New gameplay feature!: Holding shift slows down the player movement
  • New deploy targets! The build script now produces standalone macOS and Linux releases! App bundles are produced for macOS, while zipped Mono kickstarts are produced for Linux. Turnt Ninja is now truly cross-platform - no extra dependencies required 😄
  • 🎚 Level generation tweaked again
  • General polish improved (icon files added, window title icon set etc.)
  • 😍 New builds are now distributed through Itch.io at https://opcon.itch.io/turnt-ninja.
    This integrates with the build script using their butler tool, so everything is automated. Automatic updates are provided through their Itch desktop app!
  • Continuous integration is improved, now doesn't produce duplicate builds for tags. Automated release on tags is almost complete.
  • AssemblyInformationalVersion is now stamped at build time with branch, git hash and tag information
  • New update checking method that uses the Itch.io API
  • SDL backend is now used on macOs and Linux platforms. This fixes a bunch of issues on macOS and is generally great in general
  • A bunch of error reporting improvements