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A clone of Acquia's dashboard, built with Vue.js and Tailwind CSS.
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public Add redirect May 9, 2019
src Add PurgeCSS Aug 12, 2019
.browserslistrc Split config files Mar 24, 2019
.editorconfig Split config files Mar 24, 2019
.gitignore init Dec 21, 2018 Update README, add screenshot Jun 14, 2019
babel.config.js Add ApiClient tests Apr 9, 2019
jest.config.js Add Vue jest plugin, move test Apr 9, 2019
netlify.toml Split build command Apr 10, 2019
screenshot.png Update screenshot Jun 14, 2019
tailwind.config.js Destructure defaultTheme May 10, 2019
yarn.lock Add PurgeCSS Aug 12, 2019

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