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Puppet modules for OpDemand

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The puppet-modules project contains configuration management classes used by the OpDemand cloud management system.

See github for the latest source.

To learn how to tame your AWS and Heroku infrastructure with the OpDemand cloud management system, visit OpDemand.

Using Puppet Modules

These are standard puppet modules useful for general configuration management tasks. In the OpDemand system, these puppet modules are used to install and update standard software elements referenced by OpDemand templates. (Puppet is not required by OpDemand; we use it to simplify our certified templates, but you are free to use chef, shell scripting, or other approaches.)

The puppet modules have been made open source by OpDemand. Please read the LICENSE file for details.


Please see our library of technical resources and documentation. If you have a question about using OpDemand that isn't yet answered there, please let us know.

About OpDemand

OpDemand automates the development, deployment, and management of cloud computing infrastructure. With GitHub integration, a simple toolbar, certified templates, dynamic configuration, active monitoring, and support for puppet and chef, OpDemand gives you control of your cloud.

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