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v1.7.165 (07-03-2013)
- Bump after PVR API version bump
v1.6.165 (19-01-2013)
- Do not disable the add-on when it can not connect to the ARGUS-TV server.
v1.6.164 (18-01-2013)
- EPG genre will contain the ARGUS TV "Category" string.
v1.6.163 (01-01-2013)
- Updated language files from Transifex
v1.6.162 (15-12-2012)
- Updated language files from Transifex
v1.6.161 (12-12-2012)
- New version number by Team XBMC
v1.6.160.145 (11-12-2012)
- Support ARGUS TV channel numbers on XBMC, switch on:
Settings / Live-TV / General /
"Use backend channels..." and
"Always use the channel order..."
- New version number by Team XBMC
v1.0.150.144 (18-11-2012)
- First ARGUS TV implementation
- Support XBMC play count
v1.0.150.143 (03-11-2012)
- Bump version to 1 for Frodo :)
- Version number: major.minor.apiversion.buildnumber
- Fully supports setting and retrieving lastplayed position
on the FTR server for recordings
- Support Timer conflict notification
- Add episode name to epg title
- Credit Team Mediaportal for original TsReader code
v0.0.1.142 (06-09-2012)
- Use the XBMC lifetime setting for a recording when possible
- Now can delete scheduled recordings/programs on the FTR server
that were created by other clients
- At startup try to connect to FTR for 30 seconds,
This fixes startup problems on linux systems where the add-on is
started before the network interface is up (eg. OpenElec)
- Notify user when no free tuner is found, channel is scrambled etc.
- Shorter keep-alive delay to fix loosing Live-TV in certain cases
v0.0.1.141 (04-09-2012)
- Updated to Frodo PVR API
- Add timeshift support for Frodo
v0.0.1.140 (03-06-2012)
- Fixed deletion of recordings due to api change
- Fixed instant-record failed due to start time set to 1970 by XBMC
v0.0.1.138 (02-06-2012)
- Full support for timeshift implemented in the add-on
v0.0.1.137 (18-05-2012)
- Fixed playing recording with national characters in names on Windows
v0.0.1.136 (01-05-2012)
- Aggressively optimised TsReader class
- Added new configurable delay in milliseconds after tuning a channel
v0.0.1.135 (12-04-2012)
- Small regression fixes after switch to new platform library
When ForTheRecord returns 'NoRetunePossible' close the current live stream and
then try to tune again
v0.0.1.134 (07-04-2012)
- Internal change: Switch to new platform library for threading and lock mechanisms
v0.0.1.133 (31-03-2012)
- The add-on now sets the time a recording was last watched on the server
v0.0.1.132 (20-03-2012)
- Small fix to correct one invalid GUID error message at start
v0.0.1.131 (16-03-2012)
- Added many internal verifications to the <FTR GUID> to <XBMC number>
channel mappings. External factors can break the mapping and these
checks will hopefully warn the user to reset the PVR database
v0.0.1.130 (11-03-2012)
- Fixed 64-bit Linux .tsbuffer processing
v0.0.1.129 (04-03-2012)
- Media Portal TV-Server will now work with the FTR - FTR Addon - XBMC combination
Recording titles with trailing periods '...' will show up in XBMC,
NOTICE: this requires FTR Beta 5 or newer
v0.0.1.128 (23-01-2012)
- Added: System Info - PVR Information now shows FTR version info
Timers do no longer retrieve the cancelled 'upcomingprograms' from ForTheRecord
v0.0.1.127 (20-01-2012)
- Added: System Info - PVR Information now shows total and used disk sizes
v0.0.1.126 (10-01-2012)
- Added: titles of recordings changed to be more descriptive
v0.0.1.125 (04-01-2012)
- Added: validation of the shares for all ForTheRecord tuners at startup
v0.0.1.124 (01-01-2012)
- Fixed Linux mutex initialisation, caused by C++ not having static constructors
v0.0.1.123 (20-12-2011)
- Pressing 'record' while viewing will schedule the recording of the show watched
- Delete Timer: will abort an active recording,
will remove the upcoming program from the server
will remove the corresponding schedule from the server
(the schedule name MUST be: "XBMC - " + timer title, this is the case
when the schedule was added by the addon and unchanged by the user)
v0.0.1.122 (07-12-2011)
- Signal quality retrieval implemented
v0.0.1.121 (04-12-2011)
- Channel logo retrieval added
v0.0.1.120 (07-11-2011)
- Windows, Linux and OSX version using TsReader
- Reliable switching between channels with HD and SD content
- TsReader streamlined
v0.0.1.117 (unreleased)
- Adaptation to many changes within XBMC
v0.0.1.116 (16-06-2011)
- Greatly improved channel zapping
- Add timer will now force a recording when no matching show title
is found in the channel epg data on the server
- Add timer fixed: new PVR API
- GUI update triggers added: new PVR API
v0.0.1.115 (10-05-2011)
- First implementation of channelgroups
v0.0.1.114 (26-02-2011)
- Delete recording is now actually working...
v0.0.1.113 (26-02-2011)
- Upcoming recordings now showing as timers in EPG and timerlist
- Delete timer implemented
- Add timer implemented
v0.0.1.112 (23-02-2011)
- Fixed bad bug that caused loss of epg data every 10 minutes
v0.0.1.111 (01-02-2011)
- EPG loading optimised. Programme descriptions only loaded for ForTheRecord 1.5.1.
- EPG loads 48 hours of data now.
- Tune live stream now also supports radio.
v0.0.1.110 (22-01-2011)
- Delete recording implemented, needs ForTheRecord Beta 6 or newer
- Programme descriptions added to EPG and TV channels screen
- More fixes to memory handling
v0.0.1.109 (13-01-2011)
- Initial support for retrieval of recordings on the ForTheRecord Argus server
- Overview of recordings, grouped by Title
- Viewing of a selected recording via the ForTheRecord shares
- Fixes some memory corruptions
- Support for retrieval of recordings on the ForTheRecord Argus server
- Overview of recordings, grouped by Title, including recording starttime, and description
- Credits: Red-F
v0.0.1.108 (08-01-2011)
- EPG data retrieval fixed for dates where month and day have less than 2 digits (credits: Red-F)
v0.0.1.107 (27-11-2010)
- First release of the ForTheRecord PVR client (Windows only, TSReader)
- Implemented: Channel retrieval, tuning of live TV and live radio (tsbuffer only, no rtsp), basic EPG
- Tested ForTheRecord Argus version: v1.5.0.3
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