pvr.DVBViewer: various improvements, bugfixes + basic timeshift support #183

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manuelm commented Mar 20, 2013


this new version includes various improvements (including basic timeshift support), a massive code clean up and reorganization (the two messy commits) as well as a few bug fixes. A600, the old maintainer, hasn't responded to my pull request for two months now, so I hope to take over main development for his pvr.

It's been tested on win32, x86_64, x86 and rpi (raspbmc).

Regarding #182: Portisch has developed a few improvements in parallel to me. He isn't that familiar with git and linux but we are currently in contact to merge his changes into my repo so we get the best of both. So please decline his (edit: not mine) pull request for now.

Regarding frodo: The same improvements for frodo can be found in my frodo-branch. I'm not that familiar with the XBMC development process but if there will be another frodo bugfix release, you can either pull directly or I can open another pull request for you.

manuelm added some commits Mar 11, 2013

@manuelm manuelm [dvbviewer] add basic support for timeshift f1062fc
@manuelm manuelm [dvbviewer] make the ui settings more robust 7be302a
@manuelm manuelm massive code cleanup/coding style
* add #ifdef for headers
* use class instead of structs
* move logging to LOG_DEBUG, remove __FUNCTION_ from LOG_INFO
* use CStdString everywhere (no std::string anymore)
* get rid of a few char*, use c++ functions
* use c++ style in general. e.g. constructors instead of assignments
* use PVR_STRCPY as strncpy makro (copied from other pvr addons)
* probably much more
@manuelm manuelm [dvbviewer] 64bit channel ids, code cleanup and much more
this commit is gone bad as it contains too much changes. at first I
tried to do just some code cleanup, but as I jumped from block to block
I just found more and more positions to cleanup. after a few hours of
work it was impossible to follow the changes.

this commit includes:
* massive code cleanup
* in generell more C++-ish code
* use iterator instead of index access where possible
* read, calculate and use 64bit channel ids
* for favourites there's a fallback for old 32bit channel ids
* use channel names from favourites
* replace "/"-character with " " in channel logo urls
* resort methods and member variables in DvbData.h
* resort methods in DvbData.cpp to match the new sorting of DvbData.h
* less LOG_INFO logs, better LOG_DEBUG logs
* use PRId64/PRIu64 for int64_t/uint64_t
* probably much more
@manuelm manuelm [dvbviewer] forgot about a changelog entry a93bea3
@manuelm manuelm [dvbviewer] fix possible crash during timer updates e34435d
@manuelm manuelm [dvbviewer] pump version to 1.7.7 e154501

manuelm commented Mar 22, 2013

thanks. fixed


manuelm commented Mar 22, 2013

Just to let you know: I'll probably start merging Portisch changes into my repo this weekend, but separate branch for now. So there's nothing broken if you start pulling.

@opdenkamp opdenkamp added a commit that referenced this pull request Jun 8, 2013

@opdenkamp opdenkamp Merge pull request #183 from manuelm/master
pvr.DVBViewer: various improvements, bugfixes + basic timeshift support

@opdenkamp opdenkamp merged commit a937581 into opdenkamp:master Jun 8, 2013

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