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[vuplus]: Add Vu+ addon 0.3.2 #55

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jdembski Andrée Hansson Lars Op den Kamp

As I messed up my repo I deleted it and forked it again.

@Opdenkamp: Can you have a look again?

jdembski jdembski referenced this pull request

add vuplus support #47

Andrée Hansson

I'll try this right away.

Andrée Hansson

Still failing on OSX for me:

19:40:45 T:4714315776   DEBUG: RegisterClient - registering add-on 'VU+ / Enigma2 Client'
19:40:45 T:4714315776   DEBUG: PVR - Create - creating PVR add-on instance 'VU+ / Enigma2 Client'
19:40:45 T:4714315776   DEBUG: ADDON: Dll Initializing - VU+ / Enigma2 Client
19:40:45 T:4714315776   ERROR: ADDON: Dll VU+ / Enigma2 Client - Client returned bad status (4) from Create and is not usable
19:40:45 T:4714315776    INFO: Called Add-on status handler for '4' of clientName:VU+ / Enigma2 Client, clientID:pvr.vuplus (same Thread=no)

Latest XBMC for git (built in debug).

Edit: From what I can tell, it fails on:

Unable to assign function dlsym(0x1198d8010, XBMC_file_exists): symbol not found

Which is this: (whatever that is) :)

      XBMC_file_exists = (bool (*)(void* HANDLE, void* CB, const char *strFileName, bool bUseCache))
        dlsym(m_libXBMC_addon, "XBMC_file_exists");
      if (XBMC_file_exists == NULL) { fprintf(stderr, "Unable to assign function %s\n", dlerror()); return false; }

Can you add -ldl to the file (after the in the LIBS line) and then start a new build (bootstrap, reconfigure...). Maybe this is what is causing it

Andrée Hansson

Still the same, no changes whatsoever from what I can see...


You did a make clean after adding it?

You are able to load the other backend plugins?

Andrée Hansson

I've always built with: make clean && ./bootstrap && ./configure && make zip - that should be enough, no?

And no... It seems to be a generic PVR issue, or am I'm just totally too noob on how it all is supposed to work. API changes in latest git perhaps?


@opdenkamp : Do you know whether -ldl is needed or not? It is in the pvr.hts, but not in the pvr.demo

(Also, there is no "library_osx=XBMC_Demo.pvr" line in the addon.xml of the pvr.demo addon - is this intentional?)

Andrée Hansson

@davilla pushed this 30 minutes ago: xbmc/xbmc@39a59f7

I'm going to try again with a complete XBMC rebuild.


@peol: Well - at least that tells us that its not a problem with this addon. Hopefully ;)

Andrée Hansson

Heh, that itself didn't fix it. But my XBMC depends was kinda out of date, so I rebuilt them all and it seems to be working now, it's at least importing the channels. :-)


Great ;)

Hopefully Lars is able to merge it now..

Lars Op den Kamp

it's missing the methods that were just added, but I'll add those myself

Lars Op den Kamp opdenkamp merged commit 95dc07c into from
jdembski jdembski deleted the branch
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Oct 09, 2012
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