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set -e
autoreconf -vif
autoreconf -vif lib/libid3tag/libid3tag
autoreconf -vif xbmc/screensavers/rsxs-0.9
autoreconf -vif xbmc/visualizations/Goom/goom2k4-0
autoreconf -vif lib/libapetag
autoreconf -vif lib/cpluff
# order matters with libdvd and friends
[ -d lib/libdvd/libdvdcss ] && \
autoreconf -vif lib/libdvd/libdvdcss
autoreconf -vif lib/libdvd/libdvdread
autoreconf -vif lib/libdvd/libdvdnav
if [ -f pvr-addons/ ]; then
autoreconf -vif pvr-addons
# Clean the generated files
find . -depth -type d -name "autom4te.cache" -exec rm -rf {} \;
echo "Please (re)run configure..."
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