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json-rpc: add Player.SetAudioStream support for live tv

Returns fails to execute in case of a radio channel instead of tv channel.
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commit 32418a168658ca95d90d134cd23e95c95c26bb3c 1 parent 3a4b260
@RobertMe RobertMe authored
Showing with 4 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +4 −2 xbmc/interfaces/json-rpc/PlayerOperations.cpp
6 xbmc/interfaces/json-rpc/PlayerOperations.cpp
@@ -700,10 +700,12 @@ JSONRPC_STATUS CPlayerOperations::Repeat(const CStdString &method, ITransportLay
JSONRPC_STATUS CPlayerOperations::SetAudioStream(const CStdString &method, ITransportLayer *transport, IClient *client, const CVariant &parameterObject, CVariant &result)
- switch (GetPlayer(parameterObject["playerid"]))
+ PlayerType player = GetPlayer(parameterObject["plpayerid"]);
+ switch (player)
case Video:
- if (g_application.m_pPlayer)
+ case LiveTV:
+ if (g_application.m_pPlayer && (player != LiveTV || g_PVRManager.IsPlayingTV()))
int index = -1;
if (parameterObject["stream"].isString())
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