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  34. +51 −0 xbmc/peripherals/Peripherals.h
  35. +4 −0 xbmc/peripherals/bus/PeripheralBus.cpp
  36. +53 −48 xbmc/peripherals/bus/win32/PeripheralBusUSB.cpp
  37. +74 −22 xbmc/peripherals/devices/Peripheral.cpp
  38. +17 −6 xbmc/peripherals/devices/Peripheral.h
  39. +1,067 −264 xbmc/peripherals/devices/PeripheralCecAdapter.cpp
  40. +117 −30 xbmc/peripherals/devices/PeripheralCecAdapter.h
  41. +6 −3 xbmc/peripherals/devices/PeripheralHID.cpp
  42. +8 −0 xbmc/peripherals/devices/PeripheralNyxboard.cpp
  43. +32 −11 xbmc/peripherals/dialogs/GUIDialogPeripheralSettings.cpp
  44. +1 −0 xbmc/peripherals/dialogs/GUIDialogPeripheralSettings.h
@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@
- <label>$LOCALIZE[35501]: [COLOR=grey2]$INFO[ListItem.Property(Class)][/COLOR]</label>
+ <label>$LOCALIZE[35501]: [COLOR=grey2]$INFO[ListItem.Property(Class)][/COLOR] $LOCALIZE[19114]: [COLOR=grey2]$INFO[ListItem.Property(Version)][/COLOR]</label>
@@ -173,7 +173,7 @@
- <label>$LOCALIZE[35501]: [COLOR=grey2]$INFO[ListItem.Property(Class)][/COLOR]</label>
+ <label>$LOCALIZE[35501]: [COLOR=grey2]$INFO[ListItem.Property(Class)][/COLOR] $LOCALIZE[19114]: [COLOR=grey2]$INFO[ListItem.Property(Version)][/COLOR]</label>
@@ -1171,7 +1171,7 @@ if test "x$use_libcec" != "xno"; then
# libcec is dyloaded, so we need to check for its headers and link any depends.
if test "x$use_libcec" != "xno"; then
- PKG_CHECK_MODULES([CEC],[libcec >= 1.1.0],,[use_libcec="no";AC_MSG_RESULT($libcec_disabled)])
+ PKG_CHECK_MODULES([CEC],[libcec >= 1.7.0],,[use_libcec="no";AC_MSG_RESULT($libcec_disabled)])
if test "x$use_libcec" != "xno"; then
@@ -2379,7 +2379,7 @@
<string id="36011">Не мога да открия порт CEC. Настройте ръчно.</string>
<string id="36012">Не мога да открия адаптер CEC.</string>
<string id="36013">Неподдържана libcec интерфейс версия. %d е по-голяма от поддържаната от XBMC (%d)</string>
- <string id="36014">Компютъра на стендбай, когато телевизора е изключен</string>
+ <string id="36014"></string>
<string id="36015">HDMI номер</string>
<string id="36016">Свързан</string> <!-- max. 13 characters -->
<string id="36017">Адаптера е намерен, но libcec не е достъпен</string>
@@ -2387,7 +2387,7 @@
<string id="36011">Could not detect the CEC port. Set it up manually.</string>
<string id="36012">Could not detect the CEC adapter.</string>
<string id="36013">Unsupported libcec interface version. %d is greater than the version XBMC supports (%d)</string>
- <string id="36014">Put this PC in standby mode when the TV is switched off</string>
+ <string id="36014"></string>
<string id="36015">Número de port HDMI</string>
<string id="36016">Connectat</string> <!-- max. 13 characters -->
<string id="36017">S'ha trobat un adaptador, però la libcec no està disponible</string>
@@ -2395,7 +2395,7 @@
<string id="36011">未检测到 CEC 端口。需人工设置。</string>
<string id="36012">未检测到 CEC 适配器。</string>
<string id="36013">不支持的 libcec 界面版本。%d 高于 XBMC 支持的版本(%d)</string>
- <string id="36014">电视关闭时本计算机进入待机状态</string>
+ <string id="36014"></string>
<string id="36015">HDMI 端口号</string>
<string id="36016">XBMC 已连接</string> <!-- max. 13 characters -->
<string id="36017">发现适配器,但 libcec 不可用</string>
@@ -2197,7 +2197,7 @@
<string id="36011">無法偵測CEC連接埠。請手動設定。</string>
<string id="36012">無法偵測CEC配接器</string>
<string id="36013">不支援的 libcec 介面版本。 %d 大於XBMC支援的版本 (%d)</string>
- <string id="36014">如果關掉這台電視,讓這台電腦進入待機模式</string>
+ <string id="36014"></string>
<string id="36015">HDMI連接埠編號</string>
<string id="36016">已連接</string>
<string id="36017">找到配接器,但無法取得 libcec</string>
@@ -2830,7 +2830,7 @@
<string id="36011">Nepodařilo se najít CEC port. Nastavte jej ručně.</string>
<string id="36012">Nepodařilo se najít CEC adaptér.</string>
<string id="36013">Nepodporovaná verze libcec rozhraní. %d je vyšší než verze podporovaná XBMC (%d)</string>
- <string id="36014">Při vypnutí TV uspat tento počítač</string>
+ <string id="36014">/string>
<string id="36015">HDMI port</string>
<string id="36016">Připojeno</string> <!-- maximálně 13 znaků -->
<string id="36017">Adaptér byl nalezen, ale libcec není k dispozici</string>
@@ -2930,17 +2930,28 @@
<string id="36004">Druk op "user" knop commando</string>
<string id="36005">Schakel commando's in bij het wisselen van kant</string>
<string id="36006">Kon de adapter niet openen</string>
- <string id="36007">Schakel de TV in bij het opstarten van XBMC</string>
+ <string id="36007">Schakel apparatuur in bij het opstarten van XBMC</string>
<string id="36008">Schakel apparatuur uit bij het stoppen van XBMC</string>
<string id="36009">Schakel app. uit zolang de schermbeveiliging actief is</string>
<string id="36010"></string>
- <string id="36011">Kon de CEC poort niet detecteren. Stel het manueel in.</string>
- <string id="36012">Kon de CEC adapter niet detecteren.</string>
- <string id="36013">Versie %d van de libcec interface version wordt niet ondersteund door XBMC (> %d)</string>
- <string id="36014">Zet XBMC in standby wanneer de TV uitgeschakeld wordt</string>
+ <string id="36011">Kon de COM poort niet detecteren. Stel het manueel in.</string>
+ <string id="36012">Kon de CEC adapter niet initialiseren.</string>
+ <string id="36013">Versie %d van de libCEC interface wordt niet ondersteund door XBMC (&lt; %d)</string>
+ <string id="36014"></string>
<string id="36015">HDMI poort nummer</string>
<string id="36016">Verbonden</string> <!-- max. 13 characters -->
- <string id="36017">Adapter gevonden, maar libcec is niet beschikbaar</string>
+ <string id="36017">Kon de CEC adapter niet initialiseren: libCEC is niet gevonden op dit systeem</string>
<string id="36018">Gebruik de taalinstelling van de TV</string>
+ <string id="36019">Verbonden met HDMI apparaat</string>
+ <string id="36020">Maak XBMC de actieve bron bij het opstarten</string>
+ <string id="36021">Physiek adres (overschrijft HDMI poort)</string>
+ <string id="36022">COM poort (laat leeg, tenzij noodzakelijk)</string>
+ <string id="36023">Configuratie aangepast</string>
+ <string id="36024">Kon de nieuwe configuratie niet instellen. Controleer de instellingen.</string>
+ <string id="36025">Verstuur 'inactieve bron' commando bij het stoppen</string>
+ <string id="36026">Zet apparatuur in slaapstand wanneer XBMC in slaapstand gaat</string>
+ <string id="36027">Er is een probleem geconstateerd met dit apparaat</string>
+ <string id="36028">Negeer</string>
+ <string id="36029">Wanneer de TV uitgeschakeld wordt</string>
+ <string id="36030">Verbinding verbroken</string>
@@ -2837,6 +2837,7 @@
<string id="35006">Device removed</string>
<string id="35007">Keymap to use for this device</string>
<string id="35008">Keymap enabled</string>
+ <string id="35009">Do not use the custom keymap for this device</string>
<string id="35500">Location</string>
<string id="35501">Class</string>
@@ -2851,16 +2852,30 @@
<string id="36004">Press "user" button command</string>
<string id="36005">Enable switch side commands</string>
<string id="36006">Could not open the adapter</string>
- <string id="36007">Power on the TV when starting XBMC</string>
- <string id="36008">Power off devices when stopping XBMC</string>
+ <string id="36007">Devices to power on when starting XBMC</string>
+ <string id="36008">Devices to power off when stopping XBMC</string>
<string id="36009">Put devices in standby mode when activating screensaver</string>
<string id="36010"></string>
- <string id="36011">Could not detect the CEC port. Set it up manually.</string>
- <string id="36012">Could not detect the CEC adapter.</string>
- <string id="36013">Unsupported libcec interface version. %d is greater than the version XBMC supports (%d)</string>
- <string id="36014">Put this PC in standby mode when the TV is switched off</string>
+ <string id="36011">Could not detect the CEC com port. Set it up manually.</string>
+ <string id="36012">Could not initialise the CEC adapter: please check your settings.</string>
+ <string id="36013">Unsupported libCEC interface version. %d is greater than the version XBMC supports (%d)</string>
+ <string id="36014"></string>
<string id="36015">HDMI port number</string>
<string id="36016">Connected</string> <!-- max. 13 characters -->
- <string id="36017">Adapter found, but libcec is not available</string>
+ <string id="36017">Could not initialise the CEC adapter: libCEC was not found on your system</string>
<string id="36018">Use the TV's language setting</string>
+ <string id="36019">Connected to HDMI device</string>
+ <string id="36020">Make XBMC the active source when starting</string>
+ <string id="36021">Physical address (overrules HDMI port)</string>
+ <string id="36022">COM port (leave empty unless needed)</string>
+ <string id="36023">Configuration updated</string>
+ <string id="36024">Failed to set the new configuration. Please check your settings.</string>
+ <string id="36025">Send 'inactive source' command when stopping XBMC</string>
+ <string id="36026">Put devices in standby mode when putting the PC in standby</string>
+ <string id="36027">This device needs servicing</string>
+ <string id="36028">Ignore</string>
+ <string id="36029">When the TV is switched off</string>
+ <string id="36030">Connection lost</string>
+ <string id="36031">This user does not have permissions to open the CEC adapter</string>
+ <string id="36032">The port is busy. Only one program can access the CEC adapter</string>
@@ -2853,7 +2853,7 @@
<string id="36011">CEC-porttia ei havaittu. Määritä se käsin.</string>
<string id="36012">CEC-sovitinta ei havaittu.</string>
<string id="36013">Ei tuettu libcec-rajapinnan versio. %d on suurempi kuin versio, jota XBMC tukee (%d)</string>
- <string id="36014">Aseta tämä tietokone valmiustilaan kun TV sammutetaan</string>
+ <string id="36014"></string>
<string id="36015">HDMI-liitin</string>
<string id="36016">Yhdistetty</string>
<string id="36017">Sovitin löytyi, mutta libcec ei ole saatavilla</string>
@@ -2827,7 +2827,7 @@
<string id="36011">Impossible de détecter le port CEC. Le paramétrer manuellement.</string>
<string id="36012">Impossible de détecter l'adaptateur CEC.</string>
<string id="36013">Version de l'interface libcec non-supportée. %d est plus grand que le version supportée par XBMC (%d)</string>
- <string id="36014">Placer ce PC en veille lorsque la TV est éteinte</string>
+ <string id="36014"></string>
<string id="36015">Numéro de port HDMI</string>
<string id="36016">Connecté</string> <!-- max. 13 characters -->
<string id="36017">Adaptateur trouvé, mais libcec indisponible</string>
@@ -2831,9 +2831,9 @@
<string id="36009">Geräte in den Standby versetzen wenn der Bilschirmschoner aktiviert wird</string>
<string id="36010"></string>
<string id="36011">Der CEC Port konnte nicht gefunden werden. Manuell einstellen.</string>
- <string id="36012">Der CEC Adapter konnte nicht gefunden werden.</string>
- <string id="36013">Nicht unterstützte libcec Version. %d ist größer als die von XBMC unterstützte Version (%d)</string>
- <string id="36014">PC in den Standby versetzen wenn der Fernseher ausgeschaltet wird</string>
+ <string id="36012">Der CEC Adapter konnte nicht initialisiert werden. Bitte Einstellungen prüfen!</string>
+ <string id="36013">Nicht unterstützte libCEC Version. %d ist größer als die von XBMC unterstützte Version (%d)</string>
+ <string id="36014"></string>
<string id="36015">HDMI Port Nummer</string>
<string id="36016">Verbunden</string> <!-- max. 13 characters -->
<string id="36017">CEC Adapter gefunden, aber libcec ist nicht verfügbar</string>
@@ -2399,7 +2399,7 @@
<string id="36011">Δεν εντοπίστηκε η θύρα CEC. Ρυθμίστε την χειροκίνητα.</string>
<string id="36012">Δεν εντοπίστηκε ο προσαρμογέας CEC.</string>
<string id="36013">Μη υποστηριζόμενη έκδοση libCEC. Η %d είναι μεγαλύτερη από την έκδοση που το XBMC υποστηρίζει (%d)</string>
- <string id="36014">Ο υπολογιστής σε κατάσταση αναμονής όταν κλείσει η τηλεόραση</string>
+ <string id="36014"></string>
<string id="36015">Αριθμός θύρας HDMI</string>
<string id="36016">Συνδεδεμένη</string> <!-- max. 13 characters -->
<string id="36017">O προσαρμογέας εντοπίσθηκε, αλλά η libCEC δεν είναι διαθέσιμη</string>
@@ -2106,11 +2106,18 @@
<string id="36008">כבה את ההתקנים כאשר מפסיקים את XBMC</string>
<string id="36009">הכנס את ההתקנים למצב שינה כאשר מפעילים שומר מסך</string>
<string id="36011">אין אפשרות לזהות פורט CEC. הגדר זאת ידנית.</string>
- <string id="36012">אין אפשרות לזהות מתאם CEC.</string>
- <string id="36013">ממשק libcec לא נתמך. %d גדול יותר מאשר הגרסא ש- XBMC תומך (%d)</string>
- <string id="36014">הכנס את המחשב למצב המתנה כאשר הטלוויזיה נכבית</string>
+ <string id="36012">אין אפשרות לאתחל מתאם CEC. בדוק את ההגדרות שלך</string>
+ <string id="36013">ממשק libCEC לא נתמך. %d גדול יותר מאשר הגרסא ש- XBMC תומך (%d)</string>
+ <string id="36014"></string>
<string id="36015">מספר פורט HDMI</string>
<string id="36016">מחובר</string>
<string id="36017">מתאם נמצא. אבל libcec לא זמין</string>
<string id="36018">השתמש בהגדרות שפה של הטלוויזיה</string>
+ <string id="36019">מחובר להתקן HDMI</string>
+ <string id="36020">הפוך את XBMC למקור הפעיל כאשר מפעילים</string>
+ <string id="36021">כתובת פיזית (מבטל יציאת HDMI)</string>
+ <string id="36022">יציאת COM (השאר ריק אלא אם יש צורך)</string>
+ <string id="36023">תצורה עודכנה</string>
+ <string id="36024">נכשל בהגדרת תצורה חדשה. אנא בדוק את ההגדרות שלך.</string>
+ <string id="36025">שלח פקודת 'מקור לא פעיל' כאשר עוצרים את XBMC</string>
@@ -2404,7 +2404,7 @@
<string id="36011">A CEC csatlakozó nem található. Állítsd be manuálisan.</string>
<string id="36012">A CEC adapter nem található.</string>
<string id="36013">Nem támogatott libcec csatoló verzió. %d nagyobb mint amit az XBMC támogat (%d)</string>
- <string id="36014">A Média Center készenléti módba helyezése, a TV kikapcsolásával</string>
+ <string id="36014"></string>
<string id="36015">HDMI csatlakozó száma</string>
<string id="36016">Csatlakozva</string> <!-- max. 13 characters -->
<string id="36017">Az adaptert megtaláltam, de a libcec nem elérhető</string>
@@ -2404,7 +2404,7 @@ fyrir þetta tæki.</string>
<string id="36011">Fann ekki CEC gátt. Settu það upp handvirkt.</string>
<string id="36012">Fann ekki CEC tengispjald.</string>
<string id="36013">Þessi útgáfa af libcec er ekki studd. %d er hærri en útgáfan sem XBMC styður (%d)</string>
- <string id="36014">Setja tölvuna í biðstöðu þegar slökkt er á sjónvarpinu</string>
+ <string id="36014"></string>
<string id="36015">HDMI gátt</string>
<string id="36016">Tengdur</string> <!-- max. 13 characters -->
<string id="36017">Fann tengispjald, en libcec er ekki tiltækt</string>
@@ -2398,7 +2398,7 @@
<string id="36011">Impossibile trovare la porta CEC. Impostala manualmente.</string>
<string id="36012">Impossibile connettersi all'adattatore CEC.</string>
<string id="36013">Versione interfaccia libcec non supportata. %d è maggiore della versione supportata da XBMC (%d)</string>
- <string id="36014">Metti il pc in standby quando la TV viene spenta</string>
+ <string id="36014"></string>
<string id="36015">Numero porta HDMI</string>
<string id="36016">Connesso</string> <!-- max. 13 characters -->
<string id="36017">Adattatore trovato, ma libcec non è disponibile</string>
@@ -2364,7 +2364,7 @@
<string id="36012">CEC アダプタの初期化に失敗しました。設定を見直してください。</string>
<string id="36013">この libCEC インターフェースバージョンは未サポートです。%d は、XBMC がサポートするバージョン %d より大きいバージョン番号です。</string>
- <string id="36014">TV の電源が落とされたら PC をスタンバイモードにする</string>
+ <string id="36014"></string>
<string id="36015">HDMI ポート番号</string>
<string id="36016">接続完了</string> <!-- max. 13 characters -->
<string id="36017">アダプタはありますが libCEC がありません</string>
@@ -2399,7 +2399,7 @@
<string id="36011">CEC 포트를 찾을 수 없습니다. 수동으로 설정하세요.</string>
<string id="36012">CEC 어댑터를 찾을 수 없음.</string>
<string id="36013">지원하지 않는 libcec 인터페이스 버전입니다. %d 가 XBMC가 지원하는 버전보다 높습니다 (%d)</string>
- <string id="36014">TV가 꺼지면 PC를 대기모드로 전환</string>
+ <string id="36014"></string>
<string id="36015">HDMI 포트 번호</string>
<string id="36016">연결됨</string>
<string id="36017">어댑터가 확인되었으나 libcec를 사용할 수 없습니다</string>
@@ -2399,11 +2399,11 @@
<string id="36007">Įjungti maitinimą įrenginiuose, paleidžiant XBMC</string>
<string id="36008">Išjungti maitinimą įrenginiuose, sustabdant XBMC</string>
<string id="36009">Patalpinkite prietaisus laukimo režime, kai aktyvi ekrano užsklanda</string>
- <string id="36010">Nustatyti kaip neaktyvų šaltinį kai sustabdomas XBMC</string>
+ <string id="36010"></string>
<string id="36011">Nepavyko aptikti CEC prievado. Nustatyti jį rankiniu būdu.</string>
<string id="36012">Nepavyko aptikti CEC adapterio.</string>
<string id="36013">Nepalaikomas 'libec' sąsajos versija.%d atsisiuskite naujesnę XBMC versiją (%d)</string>
- <string id="36014">Kompiuterį budėjimo režimu, kai televizorius yra išjungtas</string>
+ <string id="36014"></string>
<string id="36015">HDMI prievado numeris</string>
<string id="36016">Sujungtas</string> <!-- max. 13 characters -->
<string id="36017">Adapteris rastas, bet Libcec nėra</string>
@@ -2367,7 +2367,7 @@
<string id="36011">Nie mogę wykryć portu CEC. Ustaw go ręcznie.</string>
<string id="36012">Nie mogę wykryć adaptera CEC.</string>
<string id="36013">Nieaktualna wersja interfejsu libcec. %d jest wyższy niż wersja wspierana przez XBMC (%d)</string>
- <string id="36014">Włącz tryb czuwania tego PC, kiedy TV jest wyłączony</string>
+ <string id="36014"></string>
<string id="36015">Numer portu HDMI</string>
<string id="36016">Połączono</string>
<string id="36017">Znaleziono adapter, ale brak biblioteki libcec</string>
@@ -2381,7 +2381,7 @@
<string id="36011">Não pude detectar a porta CEC. Seta manualmente.</string>
<string id="36012">Não pude detectar o adaptador CEC.</string>
<string id="36013">Versãod libcec da interface não suportada. %d é superior a versão que o XBMC suporta (%d)</string>
- <string id="36014">Passar este PC para modo standby, quando a TV for desligada</string>
+ <string id="36014"></string>
<string id="36015">Número da porta HDMI</string>
<string id="36016">Conectado</string> <!-- max. 13 characters -->
<string id="36017">Adaptador encontrado, mas libcec não esta disponível</string>
Oops, something went wrong.

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