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Commits on Feb 17, 2012
  1. tvheadend add-on: fixed typo

  2. @juriad
  3. @manio

    Allow filtering TV and Radio channels

    manio committed with
    Add channel filtering option to context menu.
  4. @FernetMenta
  5. tvheadend add-on: return an empty message instead of NULL in CHTSPCon…

    …nection::ReadResult(). fixes authentication. thanks @mikkle for tracking it. closes #415
  6. platform: sync with libCEC

Commits on Feb 9, 2012
  1. tvheadend add-on: renamed SendMessage() to TransmitMessage() to avoid…

    … collisions with SendMessageA (winapi)
  2. @margro

    tvheadend pvr addon: fix windows compilation

    margro committed with
    Solves the "error C2632: 'int' followed by 'int' is illegal" error due to a double typedef of ssize_T
Commits on Feb 7, 2012
  1. tvheadend add-on: keep a mutex locked in CHTSPData while reading, or …

    …the data might be read by another thread than the one that read the length
  2. tvheadend add-on: use libCEC's tcp sockets instead of lib/libTcpSocke…

    …t. uses mutex protected sockets instead of unprotected ones
  3. tvheadend add-on: use libCEC's threading. uses native threading inste…

    …ad of pthread-win32 on windows
  4. pvr: added a demo PVR add-on, that can e.g. be used by skinners to wo…

    …rk on the PVR parts of their skin without access to a tuner
  5. @nemphys

    optimize epg updating by updating/persisting only changes to tags (in…

    nemphys committed with
    …stead of deleting/inserting all tags from scratch on every update)
    should improve performance of epg updates due to the fact that most of the work is done in-memory
  6. Merge remote branch 'upstream-ro/Eden' into Eden-pvr

  7. splash: updated for b3

    theuni committed
  8. release: version strings bump for beta3

    theuni committed
  9. sync: wunderground with addons repo

    theuni committed
  10. sync: imdb with addons repo

    theuni committed
  11. sync: allmusic with addons repo

    theuni committed
  12. sync: tmdb with addons repo

    theuni committed
  13. build: fixed build issue in certain cases

    theuni committed
    When including DynamicDll.h where system.h was not already pulled in, defines
    would be missing. In this case SDL defines were missing from DllImageLib when
    working on a new TextureBundle format, leading to a (entirely non-obvious)
    build issue with video/Teletext.cpp.
Commits on Feb 6, 2012
  1. @Montellese
Commits on Feb 5, 2012
  1. fixed: use XSetErrorHandler() so libX11 doesn't call exit() on recove…

    bobo1on1 committed
    …rable X11 errors
  2. @Montellese
  3. @davilla
  4. @davilla

    fixed, crash on armv7/neon. wacky usage of float, there is no reason …

    davilla committed
    …to use a float here and 0x10000 * 0x10000 > 32 bit so use int64_t here to avoid overflows
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