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Commits on Jul 31, 2011
  1. Merge branch 'pr163-fix'

  2. @margro

    pvr: fix recording playback

    margro committed with
    Comparison of recording id string with filename didn't work due to the addition of leading zero's
  3. @margro
  4. @margro
  5. @margro
  6. @margro
  7. @margro

    pvr: fix memory leak in AddonDll when m_pDll->Create is not succesful

    margro committed with
    CAddonDll::Create allocates m_pHelpers but the corresponding delete can only be reached when m_initialized=true
  8. @margro

    pvr: fix memory leak in PVRClient

    margro committed with
  9. @margro
  10. @margro
  11. @margro
  12. pvr: stop playback via the application messenger if the channel could…

    …n't be switched. see commit notes on 5eb5394. thanks FernetMenta and elupus
  13. remove the hacks introduced in 9f11fb7. get the progress value proper…

    …ly via the guiinfomanager now.
  14. epg: removed some of the fileitem property hacks. epg times and next …

    …events are updated correctly in the guilists now
Commits on Jul 30, 2011
  1. pvr: call g_application.StopPlaying() instead of CloseFile() when cha…

    …nnel switching failed. see notes on github for 5eb5394
Commits on Jul 29, 2011
  1. Merge branch 'p8-staging'

  2. @amet
  3. pvr: changed PVR_RECORDING.iClientIndex from an int to a string: strR…

    …ecordingId. closes trac 11678
  4. confluence: add the progress of the currently playing epg event to th…

    …e TV and radio channel list. add some more epg info to the details of a selected channel. issue #148
  5. epg: add the current progress, start time, end time, duration and tit…

    …le of the next event to the CFileItem properties of CEpgInfoTag and CPVRChannel
  6. partially support progress bars in guilists. add a <progress> tag to …

    …the <control> tag of the progress bar in the skin xml containing the name of the property in the CListItem that contains the value % of the progress bar
Commits on Jul 26, 2011
  1. pvr: add PVR.HasNonRecordingTimer to guiinfo. only display a 'next ti…

    …mer' in confluence when there actually is a next timer. fixes empty 'next timer' on the home screen
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