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Commits on Aug 29, 2011
  1. Merge remote branch 'upstream-ro/master'

  2. Merge pull request #379 from dsoms/master

    Arne Morten Kvarving authored
    Updated Catalan language files
  3. Merge branch 'mythfile'

    David Teirney authored
  4. @davilla
  5. @CrystalP

    [WIN] fix ASS subs for chipsets that don't have D3DFMT_A8 textures an…

    CrystalP authored
    …d return D3DFMT_A8R8G8B8 instead.
    libass returns the glyphs in a 8bit monochrome format, which must be expanded to the alpha channel of the 32bits D3DFMT_A8R8G8B8 format. The rest of the overlay code assumes the data is in the alpha channel, the others don't matter.
Commits on Aug 28, 2011
  1. @CrystalP
  2. Merge pull request #375 from CrystalP/reducecpuspikes

    CrystalP authored
    Windows - Reduce CPU spikes when losing focus in D3D fullscreen mode
  3. @pieh

    Merge pull request #355 from pieh/min_max_size_grouplist

    pieh authored
    Add support for <height min="a" max="b">auto</height> (same with width) in grouplist
Commits on Aug 27, 2011
  1. @phi2039

    Merge pull request #380 from garbear/shuffle-repeat-notify

    phi2039 authored
    Added: option to notify the user on PlayerControl(Random) and PlayerControl(Repeat)
  2. @wsoltys
  3. @wsoltys

    [WIN32] fixed: installing a nightly over dharma might cause problems …

    wsoltys authored
    …with python. Maybe we should deinstall XBMC completely (keep userdata) before installing? (fixes #11860)
  4. @wsoltys

    [WIN32] fixed: librtmp wasn't working on win32 (only on win64). Just …

    wsoltys authored
    …took the precompiled dll from the rtmpdump homepage and made a package out of it.
  5. @dsoms

    updated catalan translation

    dsoms authored
  6. cosmetic: silent compiler warning

    vdrfan authored
  7. @garbear

    Added: optional second parameter "notify" to the XBMC.PlayerControl(R…

    garbear authored
    …epeat*) set of built in commands. If present, the user will be notified of the new repeat state.
    e.g. XBMC.PlayerControl(Repeat,Notify)
    Partially fixes #11902
  8. @garbear

    Added: optional second parameter "notify" to XBMC.PlayerControl(Rando…

    garbear authored
    …m*) built in commands. If present, the user will be notified of the new shuffle state.
    e.g. XBMC.PlayerControl(Random,Notify)
    Partially fixes #11902
Commits on Aug 26, 2011
  1. @Memphiz

    [add] - seems like boxee didn't do its reverse engineering completly.…

    Memphiz authored
    … Airplay is using 2 persistent tcp connections. The second one is a reversed HTTP connection for sending events from XBMC to the airplay device. Without this the play button of the device doesn't get noticed about play/pause state. Implemented the reverse HTTP connection for making it more airplay compliant as of reverse engineering. Hey i think we are the first project doing this ;)
    [clean] - make the xml consistent (line endings \r\n) and make them better visible in wireshark by using \t
  2. @elupus

    changed: fix unnecessary refresh changes for DVD stills because of in…

    elupus authored
    …correct fps report
    Original patch by Voyager-xbmc <>
  3. changed: show the actual movies instead of the sets item when browsin…

    vdrfan authored
    …g the virtual nodes (genre,studio and the likes) - only titles node will show the sets item
Commits on Aug 25, 2011
  1. changed: inconsistent hiding of the 'hide progress during updates' mu…

    spiff authored
    …sic setting
    if the video one is in the gui, the music one should be as well.
  2. fixed: movies not listed in smart playlists in case they are part of …

    vdrfan authored
    …a set with only one movie - thanks Danone-KiD (closes #10965 and #11907)
  3. fixed: do not show the movie sets node in case the sets only consist …

    vdrfan authored
    …of one single movie (closes #10561)
  4. @CrystalP

    [WIN] Use plain surfaces as inputs to the dxva processor, when softwa…

    CrystalP authored
    …re decoding is used. The dxva CreateSurface() function is meant for output surfaces (render targets), not inputs.
  5. @CrystalP

    [WIN] the dxva processor's render targets are always X8R8G8B8, alloca…

    CrystalP authored
    …te the processor with that format instead of YUV.
    Former code worked so it seems that the drivers work around an incorrect value but it's better to fix. Maybe that's what confused the Poulsbo?
    Former code was c/p from Boxee. No idea why they tried NV12 first and fell back on RGB. Their processor render target was always RGB and the dxva blit was followed by a quad copy to the final render target.
    For a format conversion StretchRect is supposed to be used, not a quad copy AFAIK
Commits on Aug 24, 2011
  1. build: only build lirc if it's needed

    theuni authored
  2. fixed: Don't check for fanart/trailers on dvd:// and alike (follow up…

    arnova authored
    … for c37c29e) (thanks to Garbear for the heads up)
    changed: Cleanup CFileItem::FindTrailer() a bit
  3. @pieh

    updated doxy after e819fb0

    pieh authored
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