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Commits on Jan 13, 2012
Commits on Jan 11, 2012
  1. cleaned up ADDON_DLL, PVR_HELPER_DLL and GUI_HELPER_DLL, so we don't …

    …have to update a whole lot of ifdef definitions when adding a new arch. added definitions for mipsel
Commits on Jan 9, 2012
  1. Merge remote branch 'upstream-ro/master'

Commits on Jan 8, 2012
  1. Merge pull request #401 from margro/staging

    Channel switch fix and Windows compile fixes for TVHeadend and VDR-VNSI
  2. Merge branch 'PR400-cleanup'

    closes #397. closes #398. closes #399. closes #400
  3. @juriad
  4. @juriad

    Don't compare channel groups from database with those form clients if

    juriad committed with
    syncing groups with backend is disabled.
  5. @juriad
  6. @elupus

    fixed: OverlayRendererGL would not upload last column properly with P…

    elupus committed
    …2 textures
    This is a rework of 55e5667
  7. @elupus
  8. @elupus

    changed: avoid crashing just cause we fail to set MTU

    elupus committed
    It is usually not needed. Also added a readme file
    for ubuntu about what packages are needed
  9. @margro

    pvr: XBMC didn't call switch channel anymore after commit c2ba97b

    margro committed
    This fixes also channel up/down for StreamURL channels
  10. @margro
  11. @margro
  12. @Montellese
  13. @Montellese
  14. @bobo1on1

    Merge pull request #615 from bobo1on1/nvidia-settings-fix

    bobo1on1 committed
    Nvidia settings fix
  15. fixed: read from nvidia-settings for maximally 5 seconds, so we don't…

    bobo1on1 committed
    … freeze in case nvidia-settings hangs
  16. @davilla
  17. @davilla
  18. @Memphiz
  19. @Memphiz

    [AirPlay] - when mediaplayer is stopped and airplay client wants play…

    Memphiz committed
    …back-info - send the stopped event for letting it handle it (in fact ios client doesn't handle it - but its a correct thing to inform him that playback was closed imho)
  20. @Memphiz

    [fix] - PictureShow has to reset the SlideShow so that really only th…

    Memphiz committed
    …e given picture is shown closes #12429
  21. @mkortstiege
  22. @mkortstiege
Commits on Jan 7, 2012
  1. @Memphiz

    [osx/ios] - bump curl version to 7.21.6 - this fixes issues with some…

    Memphiz committed
    … redirected urls (e.x. used by youtube) - HTTP 302 requests
  2. @Memphiz
  3. @Memphiz
  4. @Memphiz

    [AirPlay] - fix airplay when using iOS 5 clients. Some more reverse e…

    Memphiz committed
    …ngineering. - Apple uses AirTunes DRM for Server verification. In that case when closing the AirTunes stream we don't want to stop the player because the AirPlay video would stop instantly too
  5. @wsoltys
  6. @wsoltys
  7. @wsoltys
  8. @wsoltys

    Merge pull request #612 from wsoltys/airplay

    wsoltys committed
    added IsZCdaemonRunning() to zeroconf to test availability of the daemon
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