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Feb 28, 2012

  1. temp merge of: fixed: m_videoDefaultLatency wasn't initialized when t…

    …here was no advancedsettings.xml file to load
    bobo1on1 authored committed
  2. Lars Op den Kamp

    Merge remote branch 'upstream-ro/Eden' into Eden-pvr


Feb 27, 2012

  1. alanwww1 (Attila)

    Merge pull request #734 from queeup/translate

    updated: Turkish tranlation for core strings - Thanks Queeup
    alanwww1 authored
  2. Turkish tranlation based on English strings commit 0ee1ef0

    queeup authored
  3. Lars Op den Kamp

    platform: use gettimeofday() on darwin in GetAbsTime(), as it is spec…

    …ified in OS-X dev guide. closes #433
  4. Lars Op den Kamp

    Merge remote branch 'upstream-ro/Eden' into Eden-pvr

  5. Lars Op den Kamp

    pvr: use the stream url as filenameandpath if it's set. fixes resume …

    …from backends that are using a stream url. closes #430
  6. Lars Op den Kamp

    tvheadend add-on: result messages were never deleted, so CHTSPData wa…

    …s leaking in every call. issue #232
  7. Lars Op den Kamp

    tvheadend add-on: delete items that are still in the queue in ~CHTSPC…

    …onnection(). issue #232
  8. Lars Op den Kamp

    add-ons: delete m_callbacks->libBasePath on destruction CAddonCallbac…

    …ks. issue #232
  9. Lars Op den Kamp

    pvr: added missing virtual destructor in CPVRChannelGroupInternal. is…

    …sue #232
  10. Lars Op den Kamp

    epg: fixed nasty bug in CEpgContaier::Clear(), that called m_epgs.cle…

    …ar() before deleting each tag. issue #232
  11. Lars Op den Kamp

    sync with upstream lib/platform


Feb 26, 2012

  1. release: use final Eden splash

    theuni authored
  2. release: version strings bump for rc1

    theuni authored
  3. Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into Eden

    theuni authored
  4. release: bump skin.touched to latest

    theuni authored
  5. release: move to final eden addons repo

    theuni authored
  6. release: keep xbmc.addon in sync with major releases

    This allows repository owners to filter specific XBMC versions.
    Note that this can currently only block at install-time (meaning install from
    zip or install from repo) and will not filter any manually copied repository
    theuni authored
  7. release: bump xbmc.json

    From now on, this version will stay in sync with the version reported from
    jsonrpc. Addons using jsonrpc should depend on the minimum version necessary to
    function so that only users with >= that api available will be able to install.
    theuni authored
  8. remove backward compatibility to v2.1 in xbmc.gui. Eden skins must re…

    …quire version 3.00
    Jonathan Marshall authored
  9. ensure the name of playlists is displayed in the smartplaylist rule b…

    …rowser (rather than filenames)
    Jonathan Marshall authored
  10. CSmartPlaylistDirectory::GetPlaylistByName should also return playlis…

    …ts if they match the filename (as that's what the smartplaylist rule dialog returns)
    Jonathan Marshall authored
  11. fixed: CSmartPlaylistDirectory::GetPlaylistByName could return non-xs…

    …p files
    Jonathan Marshall authored
  12. path substitution didn't work for files

    Jonathan Marshall authored

Feb 25, 2012

  1. Joakim Plate

    remove: fallback to windows channel order in windows renderers

    This is now handled in factory
    elupus authored
  2. Joakim Plate

    changed: always assume windows channel order on input if not known

    This makes windows and linux behave identical for this situation.
    elupus authored
  3. alanwww1 (Attila)

    updated: Italian translation for main strings - Thanks Liltee89

    alanwww1 authored
  4. alanwww1 (Attila)

    updated: French translation for main strings (closes PR 725 - Thanks …

    alanwww1 authored
  5. Joakim Plate

    changed: bump number of minimum remembered packets for recovery

    From reports the current value wasn't enough and it doesn't
    hurt much to bump this one step.
    elupus authored
  6. Joakim Plate

    fixed: convergance count was wrong for h264

    This occured with the change to not wait for keyframes on startup
    for h264
    elupus authored
  7. phi2039

    FIXED:[osx] Fall-back to a default speaker configuration if one is no…

    …t configured for the output device.
    phi2039 authored
  8. phi2039

    CHANGED:[osx] Removed obsolete method declaration.

    phi2039 authored
  9. phi2039

    ADDED:[osx] New CoreAudio methods to support channel/device management

    phi2039 authored
  10. Lars Op den Kamp

    tvheadend add-on: fixed double derefs

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