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Smart augmented vision digital assistant
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Smart augmented vision digital assistant

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Wearable devices are now at the heart of just about every discussion related to the Internet of Things (IoT), and the full range of new capabilities pervasive connectivity can bring. The current popular form of wearable devices in the market is smart watches and other wearable eye technology like Google Glass are very expensive or still in their beta form. These devices are also bought as single units and cannot be use a normal pair 5of spectacles.

The demand in this market is for low cost and easily usable devices. Most devices in the current market are out of reach for the average consumer and there is an untapped market in low-cost wearable devices.

The micro-controller based system presented here consists of a small display, a bluetooth module and a rechargeable battery. When Powered on,the device will connect to a smart phone device. After a successful connection, the device will displays notifications and messages from the smart phone on the screen via bluetooth and a mobile application. The buttons and other input mechanisms on the system will allow the user to switch between interfaces. Each interface can have an embedded app for the mobile equivalent. As a sample app, we have implemented a basic counter app which can be incremented using the hardware buttons. The screen shot at the start of the readme showcases the counter app.

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