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Sharing In the Innovation


We are releasing this code as open source in the hope that otherr groups will benefit from this source material. We want to raise the profile for all assistive technology rather than limiting innovations to only one software company at a time. Please use this code as-is or fork it to support your specific implementation needs.

We ask that if you make improvements this this framework that you take the time to submit your changes back so that others may benefit from them as well. There are too few products in the assistic technology space for us not to share what we learn!

Mobile Face/Head Tracking with Cordova Support

Face/Head Tracking for Android and iOS Cordova. Using ARKit (iOS) and ARCore (Android), we can leverage device hardware to add support for tracking head position, facial expressions, and possibly eye gaze location.

This Cordova head tracking plugin isn't built to support facial overlays/masks that are popular for video chat, this plugin is focused on extracting raw head/face information to be used, for example, by accessibility apps for head tracking and custom screen activation. There could be other uses as well, but that is our focus.

Supported Features

You can choose to track, head point position (where on the screen the head is pointing), head orientation (tilted up/down/left/right) or facial gestures (smile, wink, etc.). iOS Also has an optional head-plus-eye option that will do limited eye gaze control (it still requires head position changes, but less movement than just head pointing).

Gesture Limitations

On iOS the following gestures are available:

  • "wink"
  • "smirk"
  • "smile"
  • "mouth_opeen"
  • "kiss"
  • "tongue"
  • "puff" (puff out cheeks)
  • "eyebrows"

On Android the following gestures are available:

  • "wink"
  • "eyebrows" (raised eyebrows)
  • "mouth_open"
  • "smile"
  • "smirk" (smile and smirk may be too similar to differentiate)
  • "kiss" (lip pucker)
  • (Android doesn't track the tongue, unfortunately)


cordova plugin add

Look at src/android/MainActivity for an example replacement for in your app. There are other plugins that do this, I didn't make up the idea, and they work fine in my tests.

This plugin needs to add a custom fragment in order to support face tracking (open to other solutions if you have them!), hence the need to change the basic implementation.


Check Status

cordova.exec(function(res) { 
  if(res && res.supported) {
    console.log("Face Tracking/TrueDepth is supported!");
    if(res.head !== false) {
      // head tracking is not supported
    if(res.eyes !== false) {
      // eye tracking is not supported
    if(res.ppi) {
      // ppi is useful for eye tracking
}, function(err) { 
  console.error('Exec Error', err); 
}, 'MobileFace', 'status', []);

Listen for Updates

cordova.exec(function(res) { 
  console.log("LISTEN EVENT", res);
  if(res.action == "ready") {
    // listen correctly initialized
  } else if(res.aciton == "end") {
    // listen session was terminated
  } else if(res.action == "gaze" || res.action == "head_point") {
    res.eyes; // bool for whether using eye tracking
    res.gaze_x; // x distance from camera in inches
    res.gaze_y; // y distance from camrea in inches
  } else if(res.action == "head_point") {

  } else if(res.action == "head") {
    res.head_tilt_x; // range [-5 (far left), 5 (far right)]
    res.head_tilt_y; // range [-5 (far up), 5 (far down)]
  } else {
    res.action; // expression (kiss, smile, wink, etc.)
}, function(err) { 
  console.error('ERROR LISTENING', err); 
}, 'MobileFace', 'listen', [{gaze: true, eyes: true, head: false, layout: layout}]);

Note that for head-pointing and gaze tracking, screen location data is not in pixels, but in inches from the camera. It will be up to you to use ppi/dpi, devicePixelRatio and known camera location to convert to screen coordinates.

Stop Listening

cordova.exec(function(res) { 
  console.log("STOPPED", res);
}, function(err) { 
  console.error('ERROR STOPPING', err); 
}, 'MobileFace', 'stop_listening', []);



MIT License


Mobile Face/Head Tracking with Cordova Support







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