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open source software license with fossil fuel divestment provisions
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The Atmosphere Licenses are open source, copyleft software license with fossil fuel divestment provisions. It complies with the Open Source Definition and the Ethical Source Definition, and it's designed to impose quantifiable, enforceable obligations. Anyone, and any organization, can qualify to use and to convey programs under the Atmosphere License, and there are no limits on the content or functionality of the licensed programs.

As of version 0.1, the Atmosphere License includes several optional provisions. The license is available throught an interactive selector or as a static document that shows all the available options. Visit the About page of the Atmosphere License website to find out more.

Building the website

Use $ eleventy to build a new version of the website using the Eleventy static site generator.

Pushing commits to this repository will trigger a Github workflow to rebuild the site on Github Pages.

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