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A searchable repository which aggregates the daily Harris County Justice Information and Management System 1058 reports (JIMS 1058) of arrests from the Harris County Sheriff's Office. The latest JIMS 1058 report can be found via the Harris County JIMS site. This information is intended for researchers and non-profits looking to do studies on policing in Harris County.

In this public repository, personal information data is removed and the abridged dataset is saved to the data directory. Please see JIMSRecorder#ALL_HEADERS for the latest on which headers are removed. If your research requires the raw data, please contact Open Austin for access to open-austin/harris-county-bookings-raw.


Install dependencies.

pip install -r requirements.txt

Get today's scrubbed JIMS 1058 report and save it in the data directory.


Get today's raw JIMS 1058 report and save it in the raw-data directory.

./save_today.py --mode raw

Get both today's raw and scrubbed JIMS 1058 report and save them in the appropriate directories.

./save_today.py --mode both

To get today's JIMS 1058 report and to save it to GitHub, data.world, or S3, first create a harris_county_bookings/settings.py file and include your account credentials. (See harris_county_bookings/settings_example.py for an example of the contents.) Then run save_today.py with the --commit, --dataset, or --s3 flag.

The --mode flag can be used in combination to suit your needs.


./save_today.py --commit
./save_today.py --dataset
./save_today.py --s3
./save_today.py --commit --dataset --mode raw

Lambda Usage

  1. Create the harris_county_bookings/settings.py file as previously mentioned.
  2. Configure AWS credentials via the usual means (i.e. aws configure or environment variables).
  3. Manage the Lambda function.
  • Initial deployment: invoke clean create_lambda
  • Subsequent code updates: invoke clean deploy

The deployed Lambda function will execute ./save_today.py --commit --dataset --mode both.


  • tests


This project was started thanks to an idea posted Open Austin's project-ideas repo. Please refer tothat for additional context.


The code for this repository has been released into the public domain by Open Austin via the Unlicense.