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Ethical AI Testing Repository

Welcome to the Ethical AI Testing Repository, hosted by Open Build, a non-profit open-source organization. This repository is dedicated to providing a comprehensive collection of test plans, guides, and scripts for testing AI implementations to identify and mitigate biases and uphold ethical considerations.


The purpose of this repository is to equip developers, testers, and AI practitioners with actionable resources to ensure responsible, unbiased, and ethical AI development. The provided guides cover testing strategies for identifying various biases, including gender, cultural, racial, age, and neurodivergent biases, as well as incorporating ethical considerations into AI testing processes.


  • Comprehensive Bias and Ethical Testing Guide: A detailed guide that outlines a comprehensive framework for testing AI implementations, covering bias detection, specific bias testing, ethical considerations, and more.

  • Additional Test Plans and Scripts: This repository will host various test plans and scripts designed to address different aspects of AI testing, including performance, security, and more.

Reporting Success

To report on the success of the test plan following standard QA software testing patterns, follow these steps:

  1. Test Execution: Execute the test plan against the AI implementation.

  2. Defect Tracking: Track any issues, biases, or ethical concerns encountered during testing.

  3. Test Results: Compile test results, including detailed logs, screenshots, and descriptions of identified biases or ethical considerations.

  4. Test Metrics: Use standard QA metrics to assess the success of the test plan, such as test coverage, defect density, and pass/fail rates.

  5. Summary Report: Prepare a summary report that highlights key findings, successful mitigation strategies, and areas for improvement.

Join the Initiative

We invite you to join the Ethical AI Testing initiative to contribute, collaborate, and shape the future of responsible AI development. Visit to become a part of our community and make a positive impact on the AI landscape.

Let's work together to ensure ethical AI implementations that promote fairness, inclusivity, and respect for users' diverse needs and perspectives.

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