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@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ <h2 id="process-for-reporting">What is the process for reporting an vacant or ab
<h2 id="data-on-ownership">Does the City of Chicago or Cook County have publicly accessible data on ownership?</h2>
<p>Cook County keeps track of property documents that are filed at the Recorder of Deeds office, the real ownership of a property is in the Deed of the property, and these deeds change hands when property changes hands. When a bank owns the property and a loan (mortgage) is being paid by a future owner of said property, the mortgage payee is the one in charge of property taxes and his/her name will be in the deed along with the banks name, these two owners are known as grantor and grantee of the mortgage loan. Once the loan is repaid, the bank transfers the Deed of the property in the sole owners name.</p>
- <p>To find all documents associated with a property, there is a currently three-step process:</p>
+ <p>To find all documents associated with a property, there is a currently a three-step process:</p>
<li><strong>Search by Property Index Number (PIN):</strong> To find a PIN based an address, you need to visit the <a href=''>Cook County Assessor's site</a>. If you do not know the exact address, you can search by neighborhood and open each PIN to look at a photo and identify the exact property.</li>

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