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Open Dai project Ordu Pilot City Dynamics Application

City Dynamics provides a set of information that is designed to simplify the life in Ordu and it enables citizens and 3rd party developers to access daily information easily.

There are several operations within this project for different purposes and different user requirements. These are:

Actions -- Description -- Related WS Operation

Open Map -- User is able to open the map and navigate the map

Find Closest GC -- User can find the closest can for gps position

Get GC Hours for can -- User can find the schedule for the GC -- getGCHoursForCan

Get information for can -- User can find information for GC -- getInformationForCan

Search address -- User is able to search for an address -- listTheAddressCity, listTheAddressDistrict, listTheAddressStreet, listTheAddressTowns

List the streets -- User can see the list of streets -- listTheStreets

List the cans by street -- User can see the GC list for a street -- listTheCansByStreet

Get WMS -- User can reach the maps as images for an area

Get WFS -- User can reach the vector spatial data for an area -- GetMapByCoordinate

Get GC List by Type -- User can see the GC types -- getGCListByType


Open Dai project Ordu Pilot City Dynamics Application



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