Government of Canada CKAN Extension - Extension à CKAN du Gouvernement du Canada
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Government of Canada CKAN Extension - Extension à CKAN du Gouvernement du Canada


  • Forms and Validation for GoC Metadata Schema


From a clean database you must run:

ckanapi load organizations -I transitional_orgs.jsonl

Once to create the organizations this extension requires before loading any data.

Plugins in this extension

dataset forms for Open Canada metadata schema
base and public facing Open Canada templates (requires canada_forms and wet_theme from ckanext-wet-boew )
templates for internal site and registration (requires canada_forms and canada_public)
package processing between CKAN and Solr
Open By Default site plugin


Related projects, repositories, branches and CKAN plugins
Project Github group/repo Branch Plugins
CKAN open-data/ckan canada-v2.5 N/A extension open-data/ckanext-canada master
  • canada_forms
  • canada_internal
  • canada_public
  • canada_package
WET-BOEW theme open-data/ckanext-wet-boew master
  • wet_theme
Scheming extension open-data/ckanext-scheming master scheming_datasets
Fluent extension open-data/ckanext-fluent master N/A
ckanapi ckan/ckanapi master N/A
ckanext-googleanalytics ofkn/ckanext-googleanalytics master googleanalytics
Recombinant tables extension open-data/ckanext-recombinant master
  • recombinant

OD Configuration: development.ini or production.ini

The CKAN ini file needs the following settings for the registry server:

ckan.plugins = dcat dcat_json_interface googleanalytics canada_forms canada_internal
     canada_public canada_package canada_activity wet_boew_theme_gc_intranet datastore recombinant
     scheming_datasets fluent extendedactivity

For the public server use only:

ckan.plugins = dcat dcat_json_interface googleanalytics canada_forms
     canada_public canada_package wet_boew_gcweb
     scheming_datasets fluent

canada.portal_url =

Both servers need:

licenses_group_url = file://<path to this extension>/ckanext/canada/public/static/licenses.json

ckan.i18n_directory = <path to this extension>/build

ckan.auth.create_dataset_if_not_in_organization = false

ckan.activity_streams_email_notifications = false

ckan.datasets_per_page = 10 = UA-1010101-1 (your analytics account id)
googleanalytics.account = Account name (i.e., see top level item at

OBD Configuration

We use a different list of plugins for Open By Default:

ckan.plugins = dcat dcat_json_interface googleanalytics canada_forms
     canada_obd canada_package wet_boew_gcweb scheming_datasets
     fluent cloudstorage

ckan.extra_resource_fields = language

Configuration: Solr

This extension uses a custom Solr schema based on the ckan 2.5 schema. You can find the schema in the root directory of the project. Overwrite the default CKAN Solr schema with this one in order to enable search faceting over custom metadata fields.

You will need to rebuild your search index using:

paster --plugin ckan search-index rebuild

Compiling the updated French localization strings

Each time you install or update this extension you need to install the updated translations by running:


This script overwrites the ckan French translations by combining it with ours.

Linking with Drupal (Optional) uses the Drupal web content management system to provide much of its content and to provide a means for users to comment on and rate the data-sets found in the CKAN catalog. If using with Drupal, provide the database connection string for the Drupal database in the CKAN configuration file:

ckan.drupal.url =  postgresql://db_user:user_password/drupal_database

If this value is not defined, then the extension will not attempt to read from the Drupal database.

The installed Drupal site must have the opendata_package module enabled. In additional, 3 views are used by the Drupal. Run the following SQL commands to create the necessary views in the Drupal database:

create or replace view opendata_package_v as  SELECT to_char(to_timestamp(c.created::double precision), 'YYYY-MM-DD'::text) AS changed,,
 FROM comment c
 JOIN field_data_comment_body f ON c.cid = f.entity_id
 JOIN opendata_package o ON (c.nid IN ( SELECT n.nid
 FROM node n
WHERE n.nid = o.pkg_node_id AND c.status = 1))
ORDER BY c.thread;

create view opendata_package_rating_v as select avg(v.value)/25+1 as rating, p.pkg_id from opendata_package p
             inner join votingapi_vote v on p.pkg_node_id = v.entity_id group by p.pkg_id;

create or replace view opendata_package_count_v as select count(c.*), o.pkg_id, c.language from comment c
             inner join opendata_package o on o.pkg_node_id = c.nid and c.status = 1 group by o.pkg_id, c.language;

alter view public.opendata_package_v owner to <db_user>;
alter view public.opendata_package_rating_v owner to <db_user>;
alter view public.opendata_package_count_v owner to <db_user>;

Substitute <db_user> with the appropriate SQL user account.