CKAN extension for the Web Experience Toolkit
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This CKAN extension adds the Web Experience Toolkit 4.0.x Base theme to CKAN 2.2. This theme is available from the WET-BOEW website.

Please note that this extension does not use the Fanstatic Resource Manager in CKAN. Instead, the WET resources are served directly from the web server.

Configuration Settings

WET Resources

Externally Hosted

  1. Set wet_boew.url to the root URL where the WET resources are hosted


wet_boew.url =

Internally Hosted

  1. Extract the WET 4.0.x core CDN and desired themes cdn package to a folder
export WET_VERSION=v4.0.23
mkdir wet-boew && curl -L$WET_VERSION.tar.gz | tar -zx --strip-components 1 --directory=wet-boew
mkdir GCWeb && curl -L$WET_VERSION-gcweb.tar.gz | tar -zx --strip-components 1 --directory=GCWeb
mkdir theme-base && curl -L$WET_VERSION-theme-base.tar.gz | tar -zx --strip-components 1 --directory=theme-base
mkdir theme-gc-intranet && curl -L$WET_VERSION-theme-gc-intranet.tar.gz | tar -zx --strip-components 1 --directory=theme-gc-intranet
mkdir theme-gcwu-fegc && curl -L$WET_VERSION-theme-gcwu-fegc.tar.gz | tar -zx --strip-components 1 --directory=theme-gcwu-fegc
mkdir theme-ogpl && curl -L$WET_VERSION-theme-ogpl.tar.gz | tar -zx --strip-components 1 --directory=theme-ogpl
mkdir theme-wet-boew && curl -L$WET_VERSION-theme-wet-boew.tar.gz | tar -zx --strip-components 1 --directory=theme-wet-boew
  1. Set the extra_public_paths settings to that path where the files are extracted


extra_public_paths = /home/user/wet-boew/v4.0.23

Selecting a theme

  1. Add the desired theme to the ckan.plugins configuration (wet_boew, wet_boew_theme_gcweb, wet_boew_theme_base, wet_boew_theme_gc_intranet, wet_boew_theme_ogpl)

Additional Configuration

  1. wet_theme.geo_map_type: set this value to indicate what style of WET Geomap widget to use. Set this to either 'static' or 'dynamic'.


wet_theme.geo_map_type = static