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We believe that: clarifying what UX is
will make staffing, selling, and project management better for projects with design
We will know we are right when: we have more success in design projects, where participants, such as designers, developers, and stakeholders, are all happy with not just the end result but how it was achieved.

We believe that: continuing the conversation about the design through implementation
will: create a better environment for all involved in the project. Designers will be available to chat through implementation hurdles and developers will be open to feedback and tweaking in the final implementation. If design feels comfortable, they’ll even jump into the code which will be OK with developers as well as developers jumping into prototyping and design pieces if they feel comfortable.
We will know we are right when:

  • Design and development both feel comfortable working through implementation and communicating about it.
  • When frustration levels are low throughout the implementation and refinement process.
  • When both design and development are excited and feel good about the finished product.
  • When we have documentation on the design using the code to do so (pattern library, style guide, etc)

We believe that: being open about design
will: further the understanding that everyone has about design
We will know we are right when: People not traditionally in design roles feel comfortable enough to start implementing open design processes and principles in their work

We believe that: making design easy for distributed teams
will: lead to more successful and less frustrating experiences creating for all involved no matter where they are located.
We will know we are right when: Design processes can be completed by distributed teams to work through the design problems with low frustration levels and good outcomes for all involved.

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