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Experms changelog
Version 0.1.0 - 2015-
- Rewritten
- Support setting permissions with a symbolic description of the mode
- Bugfixes
Version 0.8 - 2014-02-05
- Tidying the code
- Many bugfixes
- 'experms status' will now exit with non-zero exit-code if it's not running
Version 0.7 - 2013-11-25
- Support multiple instances (one per user)
- The logs are written to /var/log/ if executed as root. If executed as normal user they lie in ~/
- The config-file needs to be in /etc/ if executed as root. If executed as normal user it needs to be in ~/
- Added 'debug' option
- On every start the amount of watched directories will be displayed as well as the amount of allowed directories to monitor (inotify)
- Errors during restore will be written to the error-log-file. A message will be printed.
- Switch to psutil for checking if process is running
- Added the possibility to display the version
- Fixes in the documentation
- Several Bugfixes
- Cleaning up
Version 0.6 - 2013-08-22
- Handle symlinks: Use owner- and group-rules for the link itself and not for the target-file. Do not chmod.
- Make it possible to mixup the order of the 'general'- and 'directory'-sections.
Version 0.5 - 2013-08-21
- Fixed a bug that prevented taking the actual owner and group if not definded in the config
Version 0.4 - 2013-08-21
- Fixed a bug that prevented 'restore' and 'dircount' from working
Version 0.3 - 2013-08-21
- Rewrote the whole thing in Python. Nothing is the same as before ;-)
- doesn't crash ;-)
- much faster
- more lightweight
- handle nested directories
- exclude files and folders
- exclude files based on a pattern (regex)
- more intuitive configuration
Version 0.2 - 2013-01-26
- Fixed the annoying bug that prevented Experms from being started again after a reboot or crash