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Building in sandboxed environment.

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qt5_add_resources( SOURCES images/images.qrc fonts/fonts.qrc ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/tr.qrc ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/TSL.qrc )
qt5_add_resources( SOURCES images/images.qrc fonts/fonts.qrc ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/tr.qrc TSL.qrc )

Download latest TSL files to qdigidoc/client -> eu-lotl.xml -> EE.xml
and create file qdigidoc/client/TSL.qrc with content
<RCC><qresource prefix="TSL"><file>tl-mp.xml</file><file>EE.xml</file></qresource></RCC>

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qt5_add_resources( SOURCES ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/config.qrc )
qt5_add_resources( SOURCES config.qrc )

Download latest Config files to qdigidoc/common


qdigidoc4 needs library. If you have it installed in not an usual location then provide LD_LIBRARY_PATH prefix. For example: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/ qdigidocclient.


Create qdigidoc4.log file in temp folder (WIN %TEMP%, OSX $TMPDIR, Linux $TEMP) and start application

Configuration parameters

Detailed description of fallback paths and rules

Parameter Description
language Application language
showIntro Show intro
DefaultDir Target file default directory
lastPath File selection dialog path
tokenBackend Windows only: CNG,CAPI,PKCS11
cdocwithddoc Use always ddoc container in cdoc documents
LastCheck Version check
AccessCertUsage2020XX Access cert usage counter
MobileSettings Remember MID
MobileCode MID settings
MobileNumber MID settings
MID-PROXY-URL Mobile-ID URL used when RP-UUID is "null"
MID-SK-URL Mobile-ID URL used when RP-UUID is not "null"
MIDNAME Mobile-ID RP NAME sent to service
MIDUUID Mobile-ID RP UUID sent to service
SmartIDSettings Remember SID
SmartID Smart-ID personal code
SmartIDCountry Smart-ID country
SID-PROXY-URL Smart-ID URL used when RP-UUID is "null"
SID-SK-URL Smart-ID URL used when RP-UUID is not "null"
SIDNAME Smart-ID RP NAME sent to service
SIDUUID Smart-ID RP UUID sent to service
ShowPrintSummary Toggles summary dialog
RoleAddressInfo Toggles info dialog
City Signature properties
Country Signature properties
State Signature properties
Zip Signature properties
Role Signature properties
PKCS12Disable* PKCS12 usage option
TSLOnlineDigest* Enable online TSL digest verification
proxyConfig 0: Disabled, 1: Auto, 2: Manual
ProxyHost* Network settings
ProxyPass* Network settings
ProxyPort* Network settings
ProxyUser* Network settings
ProxyTunnelSSL* May be used to enable downloading TSL-s in case of HTTPS connections and proxy

* Location in windows is %APPDATA%/digidocpp/digidocpp.xml and ubuntu is ~/.digidocpp/digidocpp.conf

See also libdigidocpp configuration


  • [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RIA\qdigidoc4]


  • Command to read/modify settings: defaults read ee.ria.qdigidoc4
  • Signed package (AppStore): ~/Library/Containers/ee.ria.qdigidoc4/Data/Library/Preferences/ee.ria.qdigidoc4.plist
  • Self build package: ~/Library/Preferences/ee.ria.qdigidoc4.plist


  • ~/.config/RIA/qdigidoc4.conf

Other paths


TSL cache, crypto certificate history

  • ~/Library/Containers/ee.ria.qdigidoc4/Data/Library/Application Support/RIA/qdigidoc4/
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