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DigiDoc4j is a Java library for digitally signing documents and creating digital signature containers of signed documents.


  • Creating BDOC, ASiC-E and DDOC containers
  • Digitally signing containers in XAdES format
  • Validating BDOC, ASiC-E and DDOC containers

How to use it

BDOC (ASiC-E) container format

  • Has .bdoc or .asice extension
  • BDOC is a new digital signature format developed in 2014 to replace the old, DDOC (DigiDoc) digital signature format.
  • The benefits of the new format include the higher security level, the long-term integrity of the signed documents, as well as the better compliance with international standards.
  • BDOC container is based on ASiC-E standard.
  • Signatures are stored in XAdES format.
  • Supports two signature formats: BDOC-TM and BDOC-TS
  • BDOC-TM signature format has time-mark ensuring long-term provability of the authenticity of the signature.
  • This format has been used as a default digital signature format in Estonia since 2015.
  • It is based on XAdES baseline LT signature format.
  • Recommended extension is .bdoc
  • BDOC-TS signature format has time-stamp.
  • In contrast to the BDOC-TM format, long-term provability of the authenticity of the signature is ensured by time-stamps.
  • It is based on XAdES baseline LT signature format and uses RFC3161 based time-stamps which makes it highly compliant in international context.
  • To ensure better compliance with international standards, it's recommended to sign documents with the BDOC-TS time-stamp signature profile.
  • Recommended extension is .asice
  • .bdoc or .asice file is in fact a ZIP container with the signed files, the signatures and the protocol control information and can basically be opened by any program that recognizes the ZIP format.

DDOC container format

  • Has .ddoc extension
  • An old DigiDoc digital signature format
  • Since year 2015 it's recommended not to sign documents in the DDOC format
  • It is based on XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES) format, corresponding to profile XAdES-X-L
  • The DigiDoc container includes the source files (the files that were signed) as well as the signatures that are related to the signed file(s)
  • Every signature contains the certificate, validity confirmation and the validity confirmation service certificate.




You can use the library as a Maven dependency from the Maven Central (http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.digidoc4j/digidoc4j)


Known issues

The list of user stories and issues are tracked in Pivotal Tracker


  • LGPL (GNU Library General Public License, see LICENSE.LGPL)
  • © Estonian Information System Authority


Official builds are provided through official distribution point installer.id.ee. If you want support, you need to be using official builds. Contact for assistance by email abi@id.ee or www.id.ee.

Source code is provided on "as is" terms with no warranty (see license for more information). Do not file Github issues with generic support requests.