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Open Ephys

We develop and distribute open-source tools for neuroscience research

Open Ephys

Open Ephys is an employee-owned cooperative based in Atlanta, Georgia, with team members distributed all around the world. We work with the Open Ephys Production Site, located in Lisbon, Portugal, to distribute high-quality open-source tools for cutting-edge neuroscience research. Our mission is to advance our understanding of the brain by promoting community ownership of the tools we use to study it. Since Open Ephys was founded in 2014, we’ve made it possible to build an entire extracellular electrophysiology rig from off-the-shelf open-source components. We are just getting started on our journey and welcome community contributions!


Contribution Guidelines

We use GitHub issues for bug reports and feature requests. Code and hardware contributions can be made using pull requests. If you are new to git, please please refer to this guide as a starting point. Feel free to get in touch via Discord if you have questions!

Community Guidelines

We follow the Open Hardware Makers Community Guidelines. Instances violating these guidelines may be reported to the Open Ephys team All complaints will be reviewed and investigated and will result in a response that is deemed necessary and appropriate to the circumstances. The team is obligated to maintain confidentiality with regard to the reporter of an incident.


  1. plugin-GUI plugin-GUI Public

    Software for processing, recording, and visualizing multichannel electrophysiology data

    C++ 170 666

  2. acquisition-board acquisition-board Public

    Hardware interface for streaming up to 512 channels of neural data via USB

    PostScript 46 28

  3. open-ephys-python-tools open-ephys-python-tools Public

    Python code for interacting with the Open Ephys GUI

    Python 18 13

  4. shuttle-drive shuttle-drive Public

    Next generation tetrode drive implant

    18 16

  5. low-profile-spi-headstage-64ch low-profile-spi-headstage-64ch Public

    Design files of the low profile spi headstage with 6ch channels.


  6. onix-headstage-64 onix-headstage-64 Public

    Serialized, multifunction headstage for tetrodes and silicon probes

    HTML 1


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