Oct 28, 2015
Binary release October 28, 2015
- Version presented at SfN 2015
- Adds USB3 support (Windows and Linux only)
- Various bugfixes and code cleanup
Mar 30, 2015
Binary release March 30, 2015
- Upgrades to Rhythm processor and FPGA bitfile
- Add rectifier node
- Various bugfixes and code cleanup
Jan 19, 2015
Binary release January 19, 2015
- Enable processors to handle data with different sample rates + timestamps
- Add Network Events (and ZeroMQ dependency)
- Add PSTH, Common Avg Reference, and Arduino Output processors
- Various bug fixes and code cleanup
Nov 15, 2014
Binary release November 14, 2014
- Allow independent range selection for ADC, AUX, and headstage channels
- Allow Channel Map to load and save its own configurations
- Enable File Reader to load Kwik files saved by the GUI
- Various bug fixes and code cleanup
Oct 13, 2014
Binary release October 13, 2014
Major update, recommended for all users
- Add 'Spike Sorter' to list of modules; allows online spike sorting based
  on boxes and PCA
- Add option to save in HDF5-based 'Kwik' data format
- Add input field to message center, to allow saving of timestamped strings
- Add features to Rhythm FPGA editor, including impedance testing
- Improve display for higher channel counts
- Reorganize directory structure to ease transition to plugin architecture
- A variety of bugfixes
Oct 9, 2014
Stable version before spikesorting merge
Jul 17, 2014
Binary release July 16, 2014
Major update, recommended for all users
- Upgrade to JUCE v3.0.6 (thanks to @FloFra)
- Change AudioSampleBuffer to use `getWritePointer` and `getReadPointer`
- Use Notifications instead of booleans where appropriate
- Revert Rhythm API code that was causing problems with data acquisition
Jun 26, 2014
Binary release June 25, 2014
- Enable flipping signal polarity in spike display and LFP viewer
- Spike display now saves and loads all parameters
- Bug fixes
Apr 6, 2014
Binary release Apr 6
- Added functionality to 'monitor' button for tetrodes
- Allow channel display state of LFP Viewer to save & load
- Added 'save as...' menu option
- Improved audio editor interface
- Simplified logic of acquisition/recording in control panel
- Additional bug fixes
Feb 28, 2014
Binary release Feb 28
Restored parameter saving/loading to Rhythm FPGA module.