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Josh Siegle edited this page · 47 revisions

The official Open Ephys wiki now lives at

We'll keep the GitHub one up for a little while, but you can consider the new wiki the definitive source for info on the GUI. Most of the content from this wiki has already migrated over.

GitHub employees, if you're reading this, please make your wikis more powerful and user-friendly!

Carrying on...

The Open Ephys GUI (pronounced "gooey") is an open-source platform for acquiring electrophysiological data and controlling experimental stimuli. We'd love some help developing it, so if you're interested in lending a hand, please get in touch via the Open Ephys contact page.

This wiki currently serves as the main documentation for the GUI. If it's your first time using the software, we recommend starting with this tutorial. After that, you can read more details on the pages below:

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