Compact hyperdrive for up to 16 independently movable electrodes
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Drive Body
Electrode Interface Boards
Shield Cap


The flexDrive is a compact hyperdrive for up to 16 independently movable electrodes. It uses a novel spring mechanism to adjust electrode depth.

This repository only contains design files. See for documentation and assembly instructions.

File types

  • .brd = EAGLE board files; describe the physical layout of the printed circuit board
  • .md = Markdown files; most likely a README file; can be viewed with any text edtior
  • .txt = standard text files
  • "gerber" files (.top, .bsk, .oln, etc.) = contain machine-readable instructions for creating the printed circuit board; these are sent to a fab house (such as Sunstone Circuits) for PCB production
  • .SLDPRT files = SolidWorks part files; contain CAD models of 3D components
  • .SLDDRW files = SolidWorks drawing files; contain 2D images of components
  • .DXF = another type of 2D drawing file that can be opened in Adobe Illustrator or similar software
  • .STL files = stereolithography files; can be sent to a rapid prototyping service (such as Shapeways) to create 3D objects
  • .pdf files = standard document format for viewing and editing 2D images


Voigts J, Siegle JH, Pritchett DL and Moore CI (2013). The flexDrive: An ultra-light implant for optical control and highly parallel chronic recording of neuronal ensembles in freely moving mice. Front. Syst. Neurosci. 7:8. doi: 10.3389/fnsys.2013.00008