Circuit board for testing headstages
Eagle SMT
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The Open Ephys headstage test board allows the user to measure noise levels and cross-talk of a headstage.

If you're interested in building your own headstage test board, we strongly recommend getting in touch with us via the Open Ephys contact page.


The headstage test board uses voltage dividers to reduce the amplitude of test signals coming from a signal generator (either through an audio jack, BNC, or bare wire interface). 470KOhm resistors simulate the input impedance of extracellular electrodes. Each channel can be grounded independently using switches.

Current specifications

  • 32-channel version (headstage-test-board/gerber) works with Open Ephys headstages
  • 32-channel version (headstage-test-board-omnetics-32/gerber-omnetics-32) works with RHD2132 headstages (Intan and Open Ephys)
  • 16-channel version (headstage-test-board-16/gerber16) works with Neuralynx, Plexon, and Intan headstages

Ordering information

Boards can be order through Sunstone's ValueProto service. 32-channel board size: 3.35" x 3.45" ($60 per board) 16-channel board size: 3.35" x 2.45" ($50 per board)

To order, upload,, or, and specify the following layer mapping:

  • *.slk = Top Silkscreen
  • *.smt = Top Solder Mask
  • *.top = Top Copper
  • *.bot = Bottom Copper
  • *.smb = Bottom Solder Mask
  • *.drd = Plated Holes
  • *.drl = Tool Size Report
  • *.oln = Board Outline

File types

  • .ai = Adobe Illustrator files; contain images of hardware
  • .brd = EAGLE board files; describe the physical layout of the printed circuit board
  • .sch = EAGLE schematic files; describe the electrical connections of the printed circuit board
  • .cam = EAGLE export files; contain instructions for translating between the .brd file and Gerber files
  • BOM.txt = Bill of Materials; contains part numbers for all components (from DigiKey unless otherwise specified)
  • .md = Markdown files; most likely a README file; can be viewed with any text edtior
  • "gerber" files (.top, .bsk, .oln, etc.) = contain machine-readable instructions for creating the printed circuit board; these are sent to a fab house (such as Sunstone Circuits) for PCB production

NOTE: If you're interested in building any of the Open Ephys tools on your own, please get in touch with us via our contact page.