Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation
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MLAG - Multi-chassis link aggregation

    -------------                         -------------
    | switch A  | --------- IPL --------- | switch B  |
    -------------                         -------------
          \ (              MLAG              ) /
           \                                  /
            \                                /
             \                              /
              \                            /
               \                          /
                \                        /
                 \ (       Bond       ) /
                  \                    /
                 |    Host \ Switch     |

MLAG extends the implementation of LAG beyond a single device to provide
another level of redundancy that extends from link-level to the node level.
The current implementation of MLAG only supports 2 switches. Future versions
will support more than 2 switches, thus enabling scale-out of L2 domain 
without impacting performance.
A peered device connecting to switches running an MLAG runs a standard LAG and
is unaware of the fact the LAG connects to two separate switches.
MLAG switches share an inter-peer link (IPL) between them for carrying protocol
messages in a steady state or data packages in failure scenarios.

MLAG API and configuration flow

MLAG SW package comes with an implementation of an API library.
The API header files are found at mlag/include directory.
A user wishing to configure and operate the MLAG SW should
write code for MLAG APIs instrumentation.
The following describes a valid configuration flow of MLAG using

1.  mlag_api_fdb_init 
    - Initialize the control learning library.
    IN: bridge_id [example: 0]
    IN: logging_cb [example: NULL/pointer to function]

2.  mlag_api_fdb_start 
    - Start the control learning library. It starts listening to FDB events.

3.  mlag_api_port_set 
    - Add mlag port. This API should be called per each port
    IN: command [example: ACCESS_CMD_ADD]
    IN: port_id [example: 5]

4. mlag_api_port_mode_set
    - Set mlag port aggregation mode (LACP or static).
      This API should be called per each port.
    IN: port_id [example: 5]
    IN: port_mode [example : MLAG_PORT_MODE_LACP]

5.  mlag_api_ipl_set 
    - Create an IPL.
    IN: command [example: ACCESS_CMD_CREATE]
    OUT: ipl_id [example: the api will assign ipl_id with value 1]

6.  mlag_api_ipl_port_set 
    - Bind port to an IPL.
    IN: command [example: ACCESS_CMD_ADD]
    IN: ipl_id [example: 1, The ipl_id given in previous API call]
    IN: port_id [example: 7] 

7.  mlag_api_ipl_ip_set 
    - Set the local and peer IP addresses for an IPL. i
      The IP is referring to the IPL interface vlan.
    IN: command [example: ACCESS_CMD_ADD]
    IN: ipl_id [example: 1]
    IN vlan_id [example: 4]
    IN: local_ipl_ip_addr [example:]
    IN: peer_ipl_ip_addr [example:]

8. mlag_api_lacp_local_sys_id_set 
    - Set the local LACP system ID, relevant when LACP protocol is enabled.
    IN: local_system_id [example: machine MAC and LACP priority] 

9.  mlag_api_start 
    - Enable the mlag protocol.
    IN: system_id [example: machine MAC]
    IN: struct mlag_params [example: mlag_params.stp_enable = 0, mlag_params.lacp_enable = 0, mlag_params.igmp_enable = 1]

10.  mlag_api_ports_state_change_notify 
    - Notify on ports operational state changes.
    IN: struct port_state pointer, ports_arr [example: mlag_ports[0].port_id = 1, mlag_ports[0].port_state = OES_PORT_UP]
    IN: ports_arr_cnt [example: 1]
11.  mlag_api_vlans_state_change_notify 
    - Notify on vlans state changes. Invoke on all vlans.
      Vlan is considered as up if one member port is up, excluding IPL.
      Vlan considered as down if all the member ports of the vlan down, excluding IPL.

    IN: struct vlan_state_info pointer, vlans_arr [example: vlans_arr[0].vlan_id = 1, vlans_arr[0].vlan_state = VLAN_UP …]
    IN: vlans_arr_cnt [example: number of the vlans]

12. mlag_api_mgmt_peer_state_notify 
    - Notify on peer management connectivity state changes.
    IN: peer_system_id [example: peer MAC]
    IN: mgmt_state [example: MGMT_UP]

13. mlag_api_vlans_state_change_sync_finish_notify 
    - Notify on vlans state change sync done.

License information
MLAG SW implementation is given under BSD license.