Github repository for the IACT DL3 Meeting in Meudon in April 2016
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IACT DL3 meeting in Meudon in April 2016

This repository contains the presentations and notes for the imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescope (IACT) meeting on data level 3 (DL3) that took place in Meudon in April 2016.

The pages in this repository have been cleaned up after the face-to-face meeting, so that they (hopefully) are a useful resource for future discussions and work.

  • The summary page is the best starting point to read about this meeting. It contains a cleaned-up summary of what was discussed and the raw notes.
  • The presentations page has a list and links to all the slides.
  • The meeting page contains information about the face-to-face meeting (introduction, logistics, participants)
  • The raw notes are the notes taken collectively during the meeting.
  • Notes from the pre-meeting telcon
  • Notes from the post-meeting telcon

For convenience, here's links to the collaboration-internal pages on DL3 (not private pages, needs login):