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John's patch to use idr has been sent upstream.
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1 parent 304ed37 commit c6cc5b8f0df628b835b02c10d43fc1def2b65f3c Mike Christie committed Oct 6, 2011
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@@ -146,19 +146,6 @@ can also be spread over all processors too.
-6. Replace iscsi_get_next_target_id with idr use.
-iscsi_tcp and ib_iser allocate a session per host, so the target_id is
-always just 0. The offload drivers allocate a host per pci resource, so they
-will have multiple sessions for each host. When a session is added,
-iscsi_add_session will try to find a target_id to use by looping over
-all the targets on the host. We could replace that loop with idr.
-* Being worked on by John Jose.
7. When userspace calls into the kernel using the iscsi netlink interface
to execute oprations like creating/destroying a session, create a connection
to a target, etc the rx_queue_mutex is held the entire time (see

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